We’ve all been there. Purchased something only to have it fall apart, or be of lesser quality than we imagined when we bought it. How did a product like this get released, and how can we make sure that our product isn’t one of them?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What process do you have to follow to get your product from the first to the last step when you sell it to the customer?
  2. Do all your processes stop there or do you have an after-sales process that also needs to be followed for warranties, refunds or repeat purchases?
  3. During each stage of production, what checks are required and what standards need to be met?
  4. Are these to ensure your product is sold exactly as intended and conforms to all accreditation requirements from industry standards?

These are just some of the questions that can make each process a little bit more difficult to manage if it is not properly controlled or audited. Watch this video on one of our customers who has improved his work processes.

Accentis Enterprise has been designed to put the power back in your hands and to ensure each work order process you create is followed, acknowledged and finished correctly with any checks complete and recorded. Breaking up processes in a workplace that is new to Accentis, or a business that has been using a process for many years without formal documentation or accreditation required, can be daunting. One would be forgiven for thinking a process includes 5 or 6 steps. But within each step of that process, there may be more processes that also need to take place, and perhaps other processes within them. More often than not, it’s not until you sit down and work through each process in detail that you actually know how much work is required. At each and every turn, Accentis can ensure the steps are recorded, and can require a supervisor to ensure the process is satisfactorily completed before it is passed onto the next step in the process.

A further benefit to having Accentis Enterprise manage your work order process is the ability to forecast and correct the costing of each step. Accentis is a fully-integrated product allowing many different modules to communicate data across multiple locations, time-frames and employees, with most information easily displayed in a work order console. The entire costing for each process can be calculated easily at the start of any work order and used for quotations upon completion to get more jobs with the correct profit margin. Each work order can be broken into individual work centres that complete certain steps and account for each staff member within those centres. A work centre can consist of a work bench, a specialised machine or a select staff member. Accentis has the capabilities to look at an entire work order and know what products are required from stock, and what needs to be ordered to complete the work order. It can also tell you where in the process you can get to with the components you already have on-hand.

When you’re required to show the quality control steps for each process for either a government agency or an industry standard, Accentis Enterprise has you covered in more ways than one. Even if you are not required to adhere to strict standards, you can easily improve your work processes and the quality of the finished product by simply using the features that are available to you. When you know how each step in your work order gets processed, you are usually able to save time and money by default due to innovative and automatic changes that are controlled by Accentis.