How to handle rounding of prices on Purchase orders or Supplier Invoices


You may receive Supplier invoice or have to issue Purchase order to Suppliers that have greater than 4 decimal places.

All currency values in Accentis Enterprise are to stored to 4 decimals across the system. This guarantees 4 decimals no matter how large the value e.g. if you have $1M and one fraction of a cent, we can represent this accurately as 1,000,000.0001. On many other systems, the larger the value you have the fewer decimal places you get. The trade-off is that only 4 decimal places are supported for currency values.

There are many options open to work around this as follows, in order of preference:

  1. Request your supplier to charge 4dp only
    • They will often have the same issues with rounding, particularly with tax, as you do so while it may be a long shot, this is the easiest solution
  2. Buy in a bulk units of measure where possible and if appropriate
    • For example, “per 100”, so that the price per 100 becomes 80.371 instead of .80371 per unit. This may not always suit but is a good option
    • Keep in mind that you can order like this but we can still display the P/O report in single units with 5 decimals
    • If you are actually ordering full rolls, reels or containers of something, then order it as that container with a unit quantity conversion and a bulk unit price
  3. Enter the unit price to 4dp and handle rounding
    • At the bottom of the P/O, have a single rounding line that posts to COGS.
    • This will be small and not significant – on a quantity of 1,000 items, it will be a maximum of 10c rounding

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