How to adjust a work order for an item that has been dispatched



There may be a time where you need to adjust a Work order that has already been dispatched and invoiced. Usually, you wouldn't ever do this because once you have made something and then delivered it to a customer, it's usually not possible to undo the work order. This is because the item doesn't exist any more as part of your inventory.

Reasons you may want to adjust a work order

  • You have forgotten to add some material or labour to the work order, so it's no longer correct. In order to know your correct margins, you need to adjust it
  • An invoice for supplied goods was received (after you completed the work order) that was a larger than expected increase in cost variance

How to adjust a work order that you have delivered to a customer

  1. Go to the dispatch record and edit it, then make the quantity zero (0) and update the dispatch
    • Don't delete the dispatch or invoice
    • The item will now be back in stock
  2. Go to the work order and undo the Finish action. Now edit the work order with your changes and re-finish the work order to make it complete.
  3. Go back to the dispatch, edit and fill in the quantity again and then update

Only do this for items where you have created a work order specifically for the one dispatch, i.e. a made-to-order item. If you use this technique for a make-to-stock item, you will need to ensure that all items that have been consumed or dispatched since the work order was made, have been brought back into stock before you attempt to undo the work order.

Reasons why you may not be able to adjust a work order

It may not be possible to adjust a work order due to settings beyond your control. This may be:

  • One or more financial periods have been locked and are preventing account transactions from being updated
  • The work order is in a prior financial year

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Last edit 14/10/19