How does STP work in Accentis Enterprise

Once you have completed the set up process, you can enable single touch payroll functionality via the “Enable single touch payroll” option in the Payroll system preferences.

Once enabled, a “Send STP data to ATO” menu item will appear on the Special menu of the following forms:

  • Employee: Submits current employee details, including YTD figures to the ATO
  • Payrun: Submits details of the selected payrun, including total period values and YTD figures to the ATO
  • Supplier: Submits current supplier details, including voluntary withholding YTD figures to the ATO
  • Payment: Submits details of the payment, including total value and YTD voluntary withholding figures for the supplier to the ATO

When you select a Send STP data to ATO menu, the data related to the current record (Pay run, payment, employee or supplier) will be packaged as an STP data file and stored in the current Accentis database ready for processing.

STP data files

Each STP data file that is created will be automatically processed by your Accentis Server. If you are using one of the Accentis partner STP Transport providers, the STP data file will be sent to your selected transport provider for lodgment with the ATO. If you have chosen the FILE option as your STP Transport provider, the STP data file will be output to the directory you nominated when setting up the transport provider in the Accentis Server.

Outputting an STP data file using the FILE option does not constitute a lodgment with the ATO.

Keeping track of STP lodgements

It is important to keep track of your STP lodgements to ensure that all applicable STP records have been lodged and that all lodgements have completed successfully.

To aid in this task, a suite of Accentis reports is available that show the status and lodgment details of applicable STP records. These reports can all be accessed by running the following report.

If issues are encountered with an STP Data file, they will need to be rectified. How to go about rectifying an issue with an STP data file will depend on the exact issue that was encountered. Please read the Status description / details in the above report to determine the nature of the issue.

When to submit single touch payroll data

It is a legal requirement in the regulations from the ATO that Single touch payroll data must be reported on or before the day you withhold from a payment (the pay day).

Pay run

Pay run data should be sent after a pay run is fully completed and applied. It is important that you ensure the accuracy of each pay run before sending data to the ATO as resubmitting is only allowed if you have not submitted any subsequent data.


Payment data should be submitted after entering a payment for a supplier where a voluntary withholding amount has been specified.


Employee data should be sent to the ATO when changes or fixes have been made to the employee data that don’t include a payment to the employee (such as reassigning pay item payment summary positions). Employee data should also be sent when finalising employee data for the financial year.


Supplier data should be sent to the ATO when changes or fixes have been made to the supplier data that don’t include a payment to the supplier. Supplier data should also be sent when finalising supplier data for the financial year.


When you have completed payroll activity for an employee or supplier, either after termination or at the end of the financial year, a finalisation event should be sent via the Employee or Supplier forms. This alerts the ATO that all data for the year is final and correct.

More Information

For more information on Single touch payroll and when to when to report, go to the ATO website.