How to setup Ozedi as the STP Transport Provider

If you have chosen Ozedi as your Transport Provider, but have not registered with them, please click here. They will send you a quick start guide to help you through their registration process. You can view the video below which will also step you through the process.

After you register with Ozedi

Once you have completed the registration, account and client steps with Ozedi, take a note of the 8-digit Client ID as displayed in the example below, as you will need to provide this to Accentis Support. All other ID fields (e.g. UUID) can be ignored as they are not utilised in Accentis Enterprise. You can also find the Client ID in an email that Ozedi sent to you when you created the Client. You can forward this email directly to [email protected] for an easier result.

The Account and the Account ID you create is only half of the steps you need to take. Ensure you create a Client and send Accentis Enterprise only the Client ID.

Accentis Enterprise Server Settings

Once you have signed up, the Accentis Server will need to be configured with the settings for Ozedi. Please email the Client ID to the Accentis Support team and let them know you have reached this point and they will contact you back.

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