Transitioning from another payroll system with STP

When you change to a new payroll system such as Accentis Enterprise during the financial year, you need to be aware of what that means for STP reporting. When you start on Accentis Enterprise, we load up the full YTD pay for each employee and report to the ATO their whole earnings for the year. If the prior payroll software has also been reporting this, then you will be reporting double, which is not correct.

Questions to ask yourself

If you have started to use Accentis Enterprise during the financial year, there are some things you need to consider with reporting STP:

  • Were you reporting STP through your prior payroll software?
  • If you were, are you using the same BMS-ID from the prior payroll software?
  • Did you migrate YTD figures into Accentis Enterprise?

Choosing the process

So that STP reporting is correct for you and your employees, you must select from one of the following four options. It’s important that you report the correct figure so the employer does not lose entitlements or pay additional tax on income they did not earn.

Choose one of the below options:

Last edit: 02/07/20