A HotEdit field is a drop-down box containing a set of values that allows you to open the management form relating to those values and re-fill the list with the updated data. This functionality is generally used when adding or editing a record and finding that the data in the HotEdit field is incorrect or incomplete. In this situation, HotEdit allows you to add or modify values in the field immediately and then use the added / modified value.

A HotEdit field management form is activated by pressing the HotEdit key.

For example, if the Shipping drop-down on the Sales order form does not contain a shipping code that is appropriate for your Sales order, you can press the HotEdit key to display the Shipping codes management form and add the relevant shipping code. When you close the Shipping codes form and return to the Sales order form, the Shipping codes drop-down will automatically be refreshed and now contain the updated list of shipping codes.