SODA (State Oriented Data Access)

State-oriented data access defines a method of viewing and accessing data by enforcing certain modes within a SODA form. That is, a SODA form will always be in one of the following modes at any given time:

  • Idle - This mode is for viewing only. You cannot modify any data on the form in Idle mode
  • Add - This mode is used when adding new records
  • Edit - This mode is used when editing existing records. Edit mode automatically locks other users from editing the same or related records
  • Search - This mode is used when searching for existing records based on data you have entered into WYSIWYS fields

Changes in form state are always triggered by the user, generally by clicking a button. For example, when in Idle mode, the user must click the Add, Edit or Search buttons to change into these states.

SODA enables you to specifically define what you are doing within a form at any one time. It also allows other users to be made aware that you are editing a particular record and enables Accentis to prevent other users from modifying the same (or related) data.

You can define in User preferences what colours the form uses to display its data depending on what state the form is in. This allows you to easily recognise that you are modifying data so that you don't inadvertently make changes.