Horticulture and Nursery Industry

Accentis provides advanced support for horticultural and nursery suppliers with state-of-the-art software to manage all business requirements.

Why is Management Important

One of the great joys in life for many people is to grow plants and share them with others. Even when this is done on a commerical scale and you are growing thousands of seeds and selling them to a buying group, you want to make sure they are taken care of start to finish. Plant and growth requirements can all be budgeted, purchased and allocated to each department required.

Using Accentis, you are able to track the entire management process to cover all bases. Knowing where everything is, how much it costs and what it does for your business is a major step to better management. You spend a lot of time and money ensuring that your product is the best that it can be, don’t let it all go to waste by not knowing every seed’s own little journey.

Easy Processing

  • Purchasing of all required items such as pots, bags, plastic labels and shipping containers.
  • Manage all growing requirements such as soil, seeds, tissue cultures, cuttings, plugs, tubes and fertilizer.
  • Allocation of staff duties and time requirements for better budgeting and work forecasting.

Creation Management

  • Management of equipment such as tree spade machines, trailers, trays, garden tools, tractors, water, tubestock and more.
  • Having real-time visibility of stock growing in production as well as stock ready for sale.
  • Knowing what to plant when to ensure your customers get supplied quality product on time.

Expanded Operations

  • Shipping labels and barcode creation for product tracking from your nursery to their final home, safely through all distribution channels.
  • Manage daily delivery schedules at each step, from growing to supply.
  • Automatic re-ordering of supplies and equipment to start the process again.

Work Order Management

With Accentis, you can be sure that the staff you have working for you are getting the jobs done when they should be, while maintaining your budget requirements. There's no reason your business needs to suffer simply because you can't be everywhere at once. Let Accentis Enterprise handle horticultural, human resource and product inventory tasks so you can spend time elsewhere.

Accentis gives you the ability to order the required items you need to grow this season's crop. It could be seeds, soil, tubes for growing tubestock, irrigation systems, pots, labels, packaging and more, it doesn't matter, Accentis can handle it. When the items are delivered, they become part of your inventory and as such, are fully tracked through the growing process, packaging process and sales process.

Need to work out what staff you will require during the picking season? Accentis can do that. Forecast staff hours through work orders and job costing so you will always know your produce will be taken care of. Staff are able to log on or off through work orders, all linked to their timesheet, saving processing time at payroll due to each step being integrated with each other.

When you are ready to ship your produce to the nursery or processing plant, you can configure batch labels and barcodes for easy tracking in the case of any issues, allowing you to quickly halt any further problems with other deliveries or product recalls. The full cost of an item including wage costs, growth medium, loss of product, stock issues and delivery charges are all tracked and able to be reported on, giving you results that you can use to improve your processes even further.