Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts displays all the Accounts that are defined in the system in a tree structure and divided into sections based upon the account’s Ledger category. It displays each account with the Current balance of the account and the Prior year balance / Opening balance of the account.

While the Chart of Accounts is primarily for viewing accounts and its balances, it can also be used to manipulate the position and parent accounts within the tree structure. There is also an option to display the values of accounts to the end of either the extended financial year or the actual financial year.

Any of the accounts displayed can be instantly edited by double-clicking on the list entry.

Special actions available for users with Administrator permissions:

  • None

Database rules:

  • An account cannot be dragged (re-parented) onto another account that is a sub-account of the account being dragged
  • An account can only be dragged (re-parented) onto a Parent account
  • An account cannot be dragged (re-parented) onto another account of a different Ledger category
  • An account cannot be dragged (re-parented) if the account is a Foreign exchange rate account
  • Re-parenting a Foreign currency account also causes the linked Foreign exchange rate account to be re-parented.
  • A copied account cannot be pasted onto another account of a different ledger category