Accounts represent a sum of allocations of value within your enterprise. The General ledger subsystem performs transactions on accounts, either increasing or decreasing their value based on the type and amount of the transaction being performed. Accounts can represent the parents of multiple sub-accounts, creating a multi-level tree of accounts called your Chart of Accounts.

Every account defined in the system must be assigned a General ledger category which determines whether the account is a balance sheet account or a profit and loss account. The general ledger category also determines whether the account is a credit account or a debit account.

Every account has an Opening balance and a Current balance , as well as a breakdown of the values of transactions performed on the account for each month and quarter of the financial year.

Every account is identified within Accentis Enterprise using a unique, alpha-numeric, user-definable Account code. All functions within the system that deal with accounts use the account’s code.

Every transaction that occurs with any account is recorded as a journal transaction that shows the date, amount and corresponding account that was involved in the transaction.

Special actions available for users with Administrator permissions:

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Last edit: 31/08/20