Inventory items constitute everything within your enterprise that you buy or sell. An item is interchangeably known as stock, for example in terms such as "Stock Adjustment".

Every item is identified within Accentis Enterprise using a unique, alpha-numeric, user-definable item code. All functions within the system that deal with inventory, such as Sales Orders, Dispatches, Stock Adjustments use item codes.

Items can be classified as stock items or non-stock items. A stock item is an item whose current quantity and value is tracked at all times, whereas a non-stock item is one that can be bought and sold but whose current quantity or value is not tracked (for example, you may want to purchase something called "Stationery" as an office expense without actually stocking it).

An item can be associated with zero or more warehouses and you can associate zero or more suppliers per item. An item is also assigned a Product Group for reporting purposes and a Price Group for use with customer discount structures.

Every transaction that occurs with any item (stock or non-stock) is recorded as an inventory transaction that shows the quantity and value of the item that was transacted.