Permissions define which Users can access which functions in the system and the ways in which those functions can be accessed.

Every single function within Accentis Enterprise can be protected by assigning certain permissions for every User and User Group for that function. The ultimate access rights for a given function and a given user are determined by combining the permissions for the individual user for that function with the permissions for the user’s group for the same function.

Permissions to a function are specified by a set of one or more of the following:

  • Read: Records can be viewed
  • Add: Records can be added. This also implies Read access
  • Edit: Records can be modified. This also implies Read access
  • Delete: Records can be deleted. This also implies Read access
  • Admin: Special privileges apply. This automatically encompasses all of the above permissions

The special privileges allowed by users with Admin permissions for a particular function are dependent on the function and are documented with each function.