Customer statements

Customer statements are statements of account activity and amounts owing to you by your Customer. The type and date range of the statements are configurable, and you can select from the list of Customers for whom to produce the statements.

Statements can be generated at any time, for any Customer and for any date range. This means that you do not have to maintain a record of past statements for Customers, and if necessary can re-generate a statement for a Customer for any period, past or present. For example, if a Customer phones and requests last month’s statement, you can re-generate the statement as it would have looked for last month: the statement generation engine is able to reverse transactions that have occurred after the statements date to arrive at a historical perspective of an account statement.

Once statements have been generated, they are all assigned a statement run number which is unique to this statement run. If you decide not to purge the statements after they have been printed, then you can re-print a statement without re-generating it.

Depending on the style of report selected, the details section of statements can contain information relating to any General ledger transaction that has been performed on a Customer’s account.