Discount structure

The Discount structure facility allows a highly configurable means of providing discount and price calculations for Items and customers based on a range of criteria. These calculations are used to generate the sell price of an item when the item is entered into a Sales quotation, Sales order or Sales invoice.

The Discount Structure system allows you to create an unlimited number of Discount Structure specifications that determine how a price should be calculated for an item based on who the item is being sold to and the categories into which that item belongs. A Discount Structure specification allows the entry of an expiry date, after which the Discount Structure calculation will not be used.

A single Discount Structure specification consists of the selection of one of two Key types and its value (who you are selling to), one of three Price types and its value (how to calculate price) and one of four code types and its value (what you are selling or who you buy it from).

The different types are shown in the table below:

Key type

Price Type

Code Type


Fixed price

Item code

All customers


Item's Product group

Discount type

Mark up

Item's Price group

All discount types


Item’s supplier



All item codes



All item product groups



All item price groups



All item suppliers

For example, using this table you can specify that a specific Customer will be given a discount off the list Price off any item that is a particular type of Product . Using the table above, it is possible to use one of almost 100 possible combinations of Key type, Code type and Price type for a Discount Structure specification.