Extended item information window

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This window will show additional information on the selected stock item based on various settings that can be applied.

The window can display only within the boundaries of the form with which it was opened in, as the relationship is dependant on that form. The following information can be displayed, based on user preferences and system settings:

  • Image
  • Shortcut to complete Inventoryinformation
  • Quantity information
  • Costing information



There is a User permission that controls whether or not the Extended item information window will display for each user or group of users.

To configure this setting, go to User > User preferences > Preferences tab > Select user/group > Tick "Use these preferences for selected User / group " > Tick "Display Extended item information window on Sales quotes, Sales orders and Sales invoices .


There are two options that control the information that can be displayed within this email. These are:

You can access these settings by going to System > Preferences > Accounts receivable tab.

Field definitions


If an item has not had an image saved against it, the image square will display as an invalid image. Any image that is linked will be resized and displayed within the window.

Quantity information

This data selection will display:

  • Unit
  • In stock
  • Committed
  • Available
  • On order

Costing information

This data selection will display:

  • Unit
  • Sell per unit
  • Cost per unit
  • Last cost per unit
  • Profit per unit
  • % Markup on cost
  • % Margin on sale

All information

When all information has been selected to display, it will show in an elongated window with Quantity and Costing data side by side.