Receive return

A Receive return is the means by which goods form a Purchase Order are returned to a Supplier (Creditor) after initially receiving them through a Receive. A receive return is used to return goods to a supplier where you don’t want to get them back again, such as an incorrect order, over-order or accidental double-up. If you want to return goods to the supplier but you want the correct goods back again (such as returning damaged goods or an incorrect supply), then use a normal Receive record but with negative line quantities: this indicates a reversal of a Receive and will put the items back on backorder. If the lines you are trying to enter as negatives do not show up on the Receive, then click on the button at the bottom right “Show all lines”. This will cause all lines for the purchase order to be displayed even if they have already been fully received.

It is important to use a Receive return when goods are taken back instead of modifying the original Receive, for the following reasons:

  • You have accurate historical information about the date and means of the delivery and return of goods
  • The system can ensure that the goods are removed from the warehouse at the same cost as they were received
  • You can invoice a Receive return as a credit against the original invoice

The following can also be said about Receive returns:

  • A Receive return is performed for some or all of the Items for exactly one Receive
  • A Receive return is performed only for the Warehouse that is referenced on the original Receive
  • You cannot return more Items for a Receive return line than were delivered on the original Receive

A Receive return cannot be performed where the Receive return date is not within the Extended financial year or where the date is before the Journal lock date.

The Receive return line details form is activated by clicking on the button under the item code field for an order line.