Work order

Work orders are the way you manufacture new kit Items. A work order, when complete, takes all of the component Items of the specified kit, removes them from the nominated warehouse and creates a given quantity of new kit items (having the same total cost as its components), placing them into the nominated warehouse.

Before a work order is completed, it must pass through the following states:

  • Committed: The work order is committed, indicating that components of the work order have been reserved for use by the work order, but nothing has been built yet and no components have been removed from stock. The On work order quantity for this item has been increased by the quantity committed of the work order
  • Started: Manufacturing of the work order has begun. The required component parts have been removed from stock and their value has been accounted for in the kit’s Work in Progress account. All required components need not be removed from stock at the same time. Instead, components can be removed from stock as they become available. A work order cannot be moved to the finished stage however until all required components have been removed from stock
  • Finished: The kit has been manufactured and the work order is finished once the quantity finished equals the quantity requested. The appropriate quantity of new kit items have been added to stock and their value has been removed from the Work in Progress account.

While a work order always passes through all three states, once a work order has been entered it can be assigned as Finished in a single operation, stepping through the preceding two phases automatically.

The method of forwarding kits through the phases of a work order is to use the Work order action form. This enables a user to specify that a certain quantity of the requested kit items have moved from one state to another. For example, you may elect to start building 5 items of a work order that has specified that 50 items should be built.

A work order can include a Kit change list, which is a list of component items that are to be added or removed from the usual work order kit list.