Business Industry Types

The complete manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution, project management and service industry business software solution

Industry Types

Our vast experience in many industries is due to our extensive client database over many years. Offering business management software for small to medium-sized businesses have helped to improve processes and increase efficiency in many ways.

We’re proud to be dedicated to various industries that service a large range of businesses within Australia and internationally. If you’re in need of an ERP solution to help your business grow, don’t delay and start the conversation with us.

Agriculture / Aquaculture Farms

Production and financial ERP software to help maximise yields and improve farming processes on land, river and sea. A complete solution to your farm management needs, Accentis Enterprise will show results fast!

Building & Construction

Accentis Enterprise is project management software that helps you to budget, forecast and plan large-scale projects from start to finish. Full-scale management of financials, employees and material handling.

Electronics Manufacturing

Process manufacturing software for companies who build the electronic components used in machines and products elsewhere. Complete kit management and work order modules for inventory and business reporting are just some of the features within Accentis Enterprise you’ll use.

Food Production

Improved food production management gives your business increased efficiency and financial reporting to easily adapt to changes and market conditions. Let Accentis Enterprise cater to your business growth now and into the future.

Horticulture & Nursery Management

Plant production and nursery management software for wholesale suppliers and retailers of plants and other supplies. Grow your business with increased productivity and automated shipping and job costing processes using Accentis Enterprise.

Mechanical & Transport Service

See an instant improvement to delivery and shipping manifests, along with work order management to improve your business efficiency. Accentis Enterprise has full warehouse management controls with retail & wholesale capabilities.

Pharmaceutical, Health & Medical

Accentis Enterprise offers a strong auditing and record-keeping facility that is advantageous in managing certification and accreditation requirements. Our ERP software for the medical, pharmaceutical and health industries includes CRM sales as well as manufacturing capabilities for a full-service solution.

Plastic Manufacturing

Full business management ERP software to facilitate plastic producers across the entire industry. Support for multi-level kit requirements with inventory and audit controls, Accentis Enterprise offers manufacturers a robust software solution across the entire industry.

Business Types

Business industries are varied, from hire to jobbing, research, service and even not-for-profit! As the business grows, it’s important to consider your business management software as well your workplace environment and employees.

Accentis Enterprise covets many different business types and is always ready to help more business owners improve their efficiency. To get the most from your business by streamlining procedures and improving processes, contact us to find out how can grow your business today!

Jobbing, Production & Assembly

Enhance your business with Accentis Enterprise, and you will reap the rewards of forecasting, project management and materials handling. With a strong focus on businesses that rely on the assembly of goods and production of items, you can be sure our software is up to the task!

Labour Hire / Workforce Management

Take control of your business by utilising the feature within Accentis Enterprise for your employee management. Strong focus on a fully-integrated system to manage Time and Attendance through advanced HR, Payroll and Job Costing modules.


Many different industries rely on a strong manufacturing business process, but get caught up in the administration side of the business. Accentis Enterprise is designed to provide both manufacturing and administration in one solution.

Not For Profit (NFP) and Non-profit

Running a non-profit does not exclude the business from requiring a robust accounting and inventory management solution. Accentis Enterprise can provide all audit reports for regulated accounting requirements as required.

Projects and Job Management

If your business is constantly managing single large-scale projects or many multiple small-sized projects, Accentis Enterprise is for you! With a strong integrated solution, your budget will always be maintained and you can forecast revenue based on unlimited historical data.

Research & Development Services

Take control of your business with an exceptional record-keeping management and auditing process designed to ensure that you will always have the data you need, when you need it. Unlimited records of nearly every aspect can be reported on historically for tracking of research changes and new development.


Manage your business with strength by ensuring inventory is always available for your eCommerce site, either from the warehouse or off-site for drop-shipping. A strong focus on CRM and customer sales puts your business in a position of power when it comes to managing sales history.

Service, Repair & Maintenance

The service industry demands exactly that, good service, and with our strengths in record management, you can get ahead of the game for every customer. Information tracking on all inventory, staff, customers and more allows for an advanced utility that will only improve your business the longer you take advantage of it.

Wholesale & Distribution

A strong wholesale distribution business requires abilities to unique to their operation. Accentis Enterprise handles your production and manufacturing of goods, and then controls the entire supply and shipping process to ensure your items are delivered as best as possible.