Time and Attendance System

The Accentis Time Clock is a live, networked time and attendance recording system that enables your staff to record when they arrive and leave the workplace and when they start or stop any given task.

Working in harmony with the Payroll, Manufacturing and Job costing modules, the Accentis Time Clock can be interfaced to a range of barcode, biometric or radio-frequency identification (RFID) peripherals to produce one of the most robust, efficient yet simple to use time and attendance systems.

Accentis Enterprise time and attendance software & employee time clock system functional capabilities at a glance…


Record when staff arrive and leave the workplace


Displays a daily history of the employee’s work


Record when staff start and stop any job or work order


Interfaces to barcode readers, RFID tags or biometric (fingerprint, palm, eye) scanners


Displays what each employee is currently working on


Real time reports show route sequences completed


Can be run on panel-PCs, touch screens or kiosks


Automatically calculates penalty rates based on employee hours schedules


Seamless integration with the Accentis Manufacturing, Payroll and Job costing subsystems

Employee Time Clock System Benefits

Eliminate the need for written time sheet entries and the tiresome requirement for personnel staff to re-enter timesheets into the payroll system.

See at a glance machine usage, employee attendance, efficiency & idle times.

No more manually calculating overtime hours and rates. In combination with Payroll, the Accentis Time Clock automatically calculates who gets paid when and at what rate.

Employee Time Tracking Software Overview

Accentis Time Clock has been designed to replace the traditional manual bundy clock in use in many workplaces. Employees can Clock ON when they arrive at work and Clock OFF when they finish for the day. The functionality within Accentis Time Clock goes far beyond these basic functions however.

Throughout the day, employees may work on one or more Jobs or Work orders. Accentis Time Clock allows the start and stop times for these activities to be recorded as timesheet entries which are then transferred automatically into the Payroll system. This functionality provides tremendous savings in time and overheads and also offers improved accountability and tracking of work time and costs.

To ensure accurate entry of information, Accentis Time Clock is barcode driven and automatically applies times to activities. This cuts down on user entry errors and ensures that the times recorded for employee activities represent when the employee actually performed the activity.

Time and Attendance System Specifications

Platform and environment

The Accentis Time Clock forms a part of the Accentis Enterprise business management software system. It must be run within a Windows-based operating system on a PC conforming to the Accentis Enterprise system specifications.

Staff identification peripherals

The Accentis Time Clock identifies the current user by interfacing to any device that produces an employee identification code via a physical or virtual COM port. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Barcode readers
  • RFID tag readers
  • Palm print scanners
  • Thumb or fingerprint scanners
  • Retina scanners

Job / work order identification peripherals

The Accentis Time Clock identifies a job, work order or work order route using a barcode scanner and a barcode printed on a work sheet or label according to the Accentis barcode specification. Any other method of data collection may be used providing that the Accentis barcode numeric protocol is preserved.

Event recording capabilities

The Accentis Time Clock records events that are initiated by an employee. It can record the time, down to the nearest multiple of minutes (specified within the program) at which an employee:

  • Arrived at a workplace
  • Began or completed working on a job or a work order
  • Began or completed working on a job’s cost centre or a work order’s route
  • Left the workplace (either at the end of the day or for a lunch break)

Additional information generated

The information recorded by the Accentis Time Clock includes:

  • The payroll Pay Item that should be used for each time event
  • The employee’s rate of pay that should be used
  • The employee’s job costing rate that should be used

Information displayed on the console

The Accentis Time Clock can display the following information:

A list of employees showing the current job or work order on which the employee is working
A history of Time Clock events for an employee
Direct integration with the Accentis payroll system allows for a seamless flow of information to the next pay run and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Worked example of actual time and money savings

A commercial shopfitting outfit has 41 staff of which 30 manually write up daily timesheets. Employees spend on average 5 minutes each day noting dates, times and hours worked for each job they work.

On a daily basis these timesheets are collated and checked by Ami, the accounts assistant. Ami typically takes 25 minutes to enter timesheet data into the payroll system. Each Wednesday the payroll officer, Jenny, checks the overall times and confirms pay rates and amounts for each employee, then initiates a pay run. Jenny spends 2.5 hours for this task.

Each employees average hourly cost is $23/hr, While Ami and Jenny’s hourly costs are $22/hr and $28.50 respectivly.

Let’s expand this out:
$23/hr x 5 minutes x 30 employees x 5 days per week = $287.50 per week in total for employees
$22/hr x 25 minutes x 5 days = $45.80 per week for Ami
$28.50/hr x 2.5 hours = $71.25 per week for Jenny

That’s a total cost of $404.55 per week x 52 weeks which equates to a saving of over $21,000 each and every year by simply using the Accentis Time clock.

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