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Streamline your business with our fully-integrated Payroll and HR Management solution.

Payroll Software in Australia

Accentis Enterprise offers a powerful payroll software solution for small to medium businesses in Australia and beyond.

As a vital component to any business management solution, the payroll and HR module offer unprecedented control within your business. We also include fully compatible Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirements for Australian taxation purposes.

Accentis Enterprise Payroll gives your business peace of mind with superior features available as standard. Tightly integrated to Time & Attendance, Job Costing and more to offer you the best experience in business management.


Small Business Payroll Software

  • Single Touch Payroll compliant since May 2018
  • Fully-integrated with all Accentis Enterprise modules
  • Pay runs can be changed until applied
  • Seamless integration with General Ledger
  • Multiple payment methods for each employee
  • Large range of user-defined fields for business customisation
  • Hourly overheads calculation
  • Integrated report for salary sacrificing
  • Customisable rates of superannuation per employee
  • Integrated to Aussie Time Sheets biometric Time & Attendance

Payroll Accounting System

Accentis Enterprise seamlessly links with many modules to run your business. Running payroll with direct data-sharing to accounts and finances improves your business efficiency. No more having to re-enter data into multiple systems after it has already be entered once!

Because of the deep-linking between modules, all legal requirements for paying employees is also a breeze. You can account for Single Touch Payroll (STP), ETP, PAYG withholding tax, Superannuation, Payroll tax and Fringe benefits tax. Easily manage State and Federal awards, Eligible termination payments, HECS, Medicare rebate, Leave loading plus a host of others.


Pay Runs and Pay Items

Subject to the appropriate permissions in Accentis Enterprise, you can completely un-apply or undo a pay run and start again if something went wrong. While this is not something that would be done regularly, it can be an invaluable feature when it is required. When the changes have been made, the pay run can be re-applied.

For each pay item that you pay an employee, you can define exactly when that pay item should be applied depending on the hours worked by the employee. This is perfect for defining an employee’s normal working hours and days versus what constitutes overtime and at what rate so that time sheets automatically select the correct pay item for you.

Simple Payroll Functions

Our focus is to provide payroll and H/R software that is easy enough to be used by anyone, not just a trained payroll administrator. We have industry-leading features such as Automated provision adjustments, Full pay advice reporting, Integrated document management functionality and User-defined HR achievements.

Accentis Enterprise Payroll has been designed so that any of your administration staff can use it. You don’t have to know how to work out different rates of tax, leave loading, leave accruals, superannuation or ETP payments – it’s all done for you. In fact, the only work the “payroll” officer needs to do from pay to pay is to enter who has taken leave or worked overtime.


Single Touch Payroll (STP) Software

Single Touch Payroll, or STP as it is commonly referred to, went live in the 2018/2019 financial year for businesses with over 20 employees. From July 2019, it is mandatory for all businesses in Australia regardless of business size.

We’ve put together a definitive guide to help you understand more about STP and what it means for your business. This will take you step by step through the process and how to set it up. If you’re familiar enough with what’s required, you can hea don over to our Single Touch Payroll webpage to jump right in.

Human Resources

Human Resources are the people that make your business what it is. They are employees of the business, but more than that, they are your culture and talent. Human resources are exactly that, a resource that business leans on to provide service, knowledge and experience. This leads to a better product for your company and overall customer satisfaction.

Managing human resources is critical to the success of any business. The management of human resources encompasses training, policy structure, working rights and various employee benefits and reprimands. Running a business with a strong focus on HR improves morale and employee retention.

Human Resource Software

  • Warning if employee is over leave entitlement
  • Unlimited number of human resources
  • Human resources can be linked to multiple payroll entries
  • Define protected employees only viewable by administrators
  • Powerful and intuitive leave accrual calculations
  • Electronic document linking with HR records
  • Terminated employee information always available
  • Leave processed in hours or days and can be reset at year’s end


Human Resource Management

Are you looking for a better HR solution than what you currently use?

Accentis Enterprise has incredible flexibility for Human Resource Management (HRM).  Our HRM system enables you to define an unlimited number of achievements for any person or employee. These can include factors such as qualifications, tickets, training courses, inductions, etc.

Each Achievement can be assigned an arbitrary grouping for easier management. An unlimited number of achievements can be assigned to any Human Resource Management entry in the database. This is just a taste of what Accentis Enterprise is capable of for your HR management.

Payroll and Human Resources (HR) Features

Direct link to job costing
Pay advice memos
QuickPay buttons
Pay review date
User-defined departments
Important notes for next pay run
Change employee codes at any time
Electronic remittance of pays
User-defined pay frequencies
Date-stamped memos entered per employee
Personal & HR information stored for each employee
Internal memo for individual employees
User-defined pay items
Unlimited employees per pay run
Pay runs can be changed until applied
Print reports after pay run has been applied
User-defined entitlements (Awards)

Unlimited number of worksites

Flexible “Pay to” selection
Direct link to timehseets for selected employees
User-defined superannuations funds
Unlimited number of employees
Omit specified leave items from Pay Advice
Subtotal pay items during a pay run
User-defined workplace locations
Employees paid outside pay period
Innovative auto-reducing pay items
All pay items displayed in hours as well as days
User-defined tax scales with free updates
Support for Fringe benefits amounts per employee
Easy employee selection
Electronic pay summaries
User-defined leave items
Email pay advice notification to employees
Re-print pay advice from any pay run
Print pay run before applying
User-defined Last pay date
Detailed calculations output
Automatic balancing of leave provisions
Auto-updating of employee records
Photo ID of HR record
Multiple open pay runs
Separate G/L accounts per department
Automatic ETP calculations
Customisable rates of superannuation per employee
Entitlement defaults can be overridden
Plain text summary of electronic payment summary reconciliation
Flagged employee as requiring termination in next pay run
Employee emergency contact details
Define employee’s manager
Recurring notes for next pay run



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