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The Customer Is Not Always Right

The Customer Is Always Right... If you work in any sort of industry where you interact with customers, you've most likely heard that idiom. It's been drilled into service industry workers for as long as there have been customers. Forever! It's a service mantra that we...

Harness the Power of CRM Software

CRM Software It’s easy to think that CRM software helps your business make more money. I mean, that’s why we’re in the game isn’t it? But think about this: CRM means Customer Relationship Management. Let’s consider those words: Customer, Relationship and Management....

International MSME Day 2019

Small Business Day - #MSMEDay19 Today is MSME Day, or International Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Day! As we are also a small to medium-sized business, we understand the struggle and joy of running an SME. Today is possible thanks to the UN for recognising...

Inventory Management Tracking Software

Tracking Stock Inventory Despite many services available for inventory management tracking, some businesses often lack their implementation. Small to medium-sized businesses should be using tools that reduce their frustrations. A good inventory and warehouse...

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Definitive Guide

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Guide Single Touch Payroll in Australia has been slowly introduced to the business sector over the last couple of years. Initially businesses with 20 employees or more were mandated to start using it in July 2018 FY. From July 2019, it is...

Attending The Green Expo

Attending the Green Expo Accentis Enterprise is once again attending the Green Expo as a silver sponsor for the event! We want you to come and see everything that we do and how it can help your business. We're showcasing how you can streamline your business and become...

The Truth About Inventory and Stock Control

Inventory and Stock Control What's the real truth about Inventory and Stock Control? Inventory is a list or lists of items relating to a business. Stock Control is the process of managing the inventory for us. Many small to medium-sized businesses in Australia simply...

5 Reasons Why Stock Control Matters More Than Sales

Stock Control System or Sales Profits? Sales in any business are great! But a good stock control system will affect both sales and purchases. It's always good to have a great sales team, but it's always supported by a strong inventory solution. This ensures that the...

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Inventory Control

What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) Is current management of your warehouse enough for your needs? A warehouse management system (WMS) is an integral part of any inventory-controlled business. It is most common when included as a module within an ERP system,...

Lack of Stock Control Creates Costly Inventory Mistakes

Managing Inventory and Stock Control Is your business struggling with simple inventory mistakes? Managing inventory is a cost for any size business. When managed incorrectly, it can be costly. If too many staff have access to the data, this can lead to a nightmare....

Time Tracking: The Future of Time & Attendance

Time Tracking in Accentis Enterprise Time tracking is a way to record the amount of time spent performing a task. In Accentis Enterprise, time tracking is useful for allocating budgets and forecasting. It is also used in manufacturing, assembly and production...

Time Clock Job Costing

What is Time Clock Software? Time clock software is a business tool that records the amount of time employees spend at work. Sounds simple right? But it's much more than that too. A time clock module will form a vital part of your business management ERP system. With...



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