What is a Timesheet Calculator

You need to pay employees for time worked, and to do that you need to calculate their hours on a timesheet.

A timesheet calculator will improve your business by ensuring that employees are getting paid only for when they work, and not being mistaken about when they finished.

Many employers suffer the consequences of having a manual timesheet solution to calculate their employees hours, and there’s an easy reason for this result.

Employees can make mistakes even with the best intentions. And that’s how a business loses money.

Not having an accurate record of staff times at work and on jobs can cost you money!

Time Clock Software

Time and attendance of employees at any workplace contribute to one of the most expensive costs a business will have as an expense. This is just fact.

If employees are showing up late, or leaving early, the timesheet will be calculated manually and can be manipulated in their favour.

When you utilise the features available in timesheet software, you take control of the time that employees are working.

Timesheet Calculations Using Hardware

In history there have been tools used such as Bundy Clocks to record employee attendance, however that technology has been superseded for by much better technology.

Employee time recording nowadays can be done directly by the employees and reported without any further data entry

Take for example some of the hardware available from Aussie Timesheets, a company that Accentis is fully-compatible with to calculate timesheet entries.

Using multiple hardware solutions, timesheet entries can be entered from biometric scanners that include fingerprint and iris scanning!

Integrated Timesheet Calculations

Taking advantage of Accentis’ Integrated ERP system, you are able to fully-utilise that data within many different modules to have unprecedented control over budgeting and forecasting elements.

Time Clock features on their own are an incredible business tool, but increasing the data availability with modules such job costing and project management helps to improve focus and reporting on employee time management.

In many business industry sectors, employees can be expected to work autonomously, with management checking the timesheet software to ensure both suitability for the job requirements, and to adequately maintain financial control of the project.

Correct time and attendance calculations helps small businesses to better manage employees to deliver their product or service for the benefit of the business profits.


Timesheet calculators are more than just a simple time-keeping mechanism for employees to record their time worked.

More and more, we are seeing this data being utilised in a number of ways, to benefit all pillars of the small business; Management, Employees and Customers.

This overall positive impact leads to better working conditions for employees as they know what is expected of them and when, while employers gain additional information allowing them to refine and improve procedures within the business.

If your business is crying out for better way to calculate the timesheets of your employees while improving your business management software, get in contact with us today!

Accentis Enterprise’s time clock software is available in many different configurations to suit your business requirements.

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