Time and Attendance Management

An employee time and attendance system that is easy to use and accurate, will help you run an efficient business.

Managers and payroll officers will always have the most up-to-date information data for workforce management. This includes knowing which employees are working on what jobs and how long they are spending time to do it. Of course, it will also record their start and stop times for correct allocation of hours.

What if you could manage your employees time and attendance with ease? You can with Aussie Time Sheet Employee Time Clock Systems and Accentis Enterprise.

Aussie Timesheets and Accentis Enterprise

The partnership of Aussie Time Sheets and Accentis Enterprise simplifies your timesheet process. We help streamline your business by offering an effective time and attendance system, designed to work for your business.

There is no need for a manager or supervisor to be in attendance checking that everyone is there on time. You will know they are there on time by using a biometric time clock!

If your business is losing time to staff who have their workmates buddy-punching, this can stop it. Biometric time clocks offer protection for both employers and employees.

What are the benefits of a Biometric Time Clock?

1: Eliminates the risk of time-theft and buddy punching

Buddy punching is when your employees help each other out and clock in and out for each other. This doesn’t give your business a true account of the time your employees were working.

Traditional time and attendance systems are fraught with issues allowing employees to benefit. Using a Bundy clock or time clock that requires a pin code or card, allows employees to bypass the system.

Businesses can save money by eliminating false time records and reducing fraudulent activity. As a result, there is also often an increase in productivity.

2: Eliminates errors

Mistakes can cost a business a lot of money. Biometric time clocks replace manual calculations and hand-written timesheets.

Manual timesheets cost the business money by wasting precious administration time. Sorting through the timesheets and having to fix any errors and calculate hours worked is a time-poor process. Usually through human error, mistakes a bound to happen, usually as an honest mistake.

Using a Biometric system to record the hours worked, there can never be a dispute about incorrect pay. Employers can guarantee employees receive the correct pay for their work. Times go on record electronically and added to the database automatically for reporting.

3: Saves you time

A Biometric time clock will not only give you more accurate recording of employee work, but you save time!

If you sat down and worked out how much time it takes to add up hours in a manual timesheet calculator, that’s time wasted. Processing payroll based on time and attendance should be, and is, as simple as running a report.

What could employees better use their extra time for at work?

4: Saves you money

As a business you are trying to make money, not spend it. A biometric time clock is on your side in many ways.

Time wasted in a business is productivity lost. When production slows down, so too do profits. By using a biometric time clock, you’re able to save money through getting extra time.

Administration hours will reduce which means they can do more work on other jobs. Time abuse, tardiness and inaccurate time reporting will stop. You will ensure you pay for time worked, not time filled out.

5: Integrates direct to Accentis Enterprise payroll

Aussie Time Sheets software has a seamless integration with Accentis Enterprise, that is used within Payroll.

By streamlining your processes and saving you time in administration you’re on a win. Accentis Enterprise takes full advantage of the data generated from Aussie Time Sheets. You can use this to build reports and refine your processes to improve your business.

6: Increase Employee Accountability

A biometric time clock ensures employees get paid for when they work. They are accountable to logging in and out on time for the hours they worked.

When they record their correct working time, they have proof they were doing their shift. It protects them in the sense that, only they could have logged on if they were there.

Managers and supervisors can instead focus quality workmanship rather than chasing employment time.

Understanding a common myth about biometric time clocks

A lot of misinformation about Biometric time clocks has been swirling around employees.

It’s not uncommon for employees to raise concern about their privacy, and so they should. As an employer, you can share with them the knowledge of how the system works.

Biometric data is a one-way algorithm, that cannot be reverse engineered. The data stored is a mathematical equation that holds no personal information. At all times, the employee’s identity is secure.

Facial Recognition or Fingerprint?

Not every business is the same, and in some industries, it might be easier to use one solution over another. Where one system is not available, another one can is available to provide the service.

The choice between a facial or fingerprint reader is sometimes not important. But in other instances, it can mean the difference between solving a problem or making it worse.

Facial recognition

The ATS Face Scan Time Clock is quick and easy to use.

Employees only need to look at the time clock when starting and finishing their shift. The device will record and store the correct date and time in an instant.

It’s an ideal solution for business in the manufacturing industries. These includes plants, nurseries, farms and mechanical businesses. These jobs rely on workers to use their hands, which may make them unreadable or dirty when using fingerprints.

An Aussie Time Sheets Face Scan Time Clock in your business will make an immediate effect. You can start saving money and having a more productive business in no time!

Getting staff involved and using the system from the start is the best way to show all staff how important it is. By implementing a facial recognition system, you are being proactive in improving employment.

Fingerprint time clock

The ATS Fingerprint Time Clock is as quick and easy to use as it’s facial recognition counterpart. It’s simply the case of a different body part that is unique among us all.

The Aussie Time Sheets Fingerprint time clock uses only the highest fingerprint technology. Optical Image Capture technology is robust and used in many different industries. It is the highest standard for capturing the best quality fingerprint images.

This technology is often used by the government or other mission-critical organisations. This allows an employee to clock on and off even if their fingerprints are dirty or wet. The Fingerprint Time Clock can identify a fingerprint using a small area of the print to authenticate.

Customer Feedback

Let’s hear from a business using biometric time clocks and Accentis Enterprise.

Andrew Boyle from Rodney Industries runs a busy company with around 60 employees. Here’s what he had to say…

After installing a facial recognition time clock from Aussie Time Sheets, the results have been incredible.

What used to take someone on pay day up to 5 hours to do, has now been reduced to under 1 hour!

All time clock information is available in Accentis Enterprise for use in other business reports. Not only that, even the employees enjoy the new process, as they found the old one cumbersome and annoying.


Running a small to medium-sized business and still using manual timesheets? You’re in real trouble, but we can help.

There’s a solution for every business in every industry, we just need to know how we can help.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, accurate, simple and efficient time and attendance solution

Aussie Time Sheets and Accentis Enterprise work seamlessly together. This gives you a more efficient business that saves you time and money. You can even use it to claw back wages on a labour recovery basis to calculate a true manufacturing cost.

What time and attendance system are you using? Start a conversation with us today so you can start saving money!

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