Workforce management is the recording of hours worked by staff within a business. It is an important aspect that affects budgets and business success. Different from being a time and attendance facility, it is an all-encompassing record structure designed to maximise the amount of work produced by employees. Sometimes referred to as Human Resource Management (HRM), workforce management offers a complete overview of the assets who work within a business, for a business.

Employing a structure of staff management within any business is an important consideration, one that can adversely affect business finances if not properly controlled. In the past, there have been a number of time and attendance solutions to help businesses control budgets, but as businesses grow, so too do the demands placed on the system. Accentis Enterprise has a full-featured time clock solution, allowing for instant recording and reporting of all workforce management requirements. When using Accentis, employee time and attendance is recorded and used throughout many aspects of the program, such as payroll, job costing, work orders and more. Due to this tight control, businesses can manage and maintain effective budgeting and forecasting of employee time to ensure the business grows as required and its resources are managed effectively.

Accentis Enterprise offers the best workforce management capabilities within the ERP system environment, conveniently recording and reporting details to management staff for better overall results. Recording of staff time while at work can be done in any number of ways, depending on the business and requirements for the job. Staff can enter their own time clock through Accentis directly, or use the advanced hardware capabilities provided by Aussie Time Sheets. We’re excited to share that Aussie Time Sheets hardware is fully integrated with Accentis Enterprise, giving you the ability to use RFID, fingerprint or even iris scanning to record attendance at work.

Employee time and attendance can be one of the biggest budget drains on any company, either directly or indirectly. Without a fully compliant workforce management system, you may not know there is a hole that needs to be plugged, because you’re unaware it exists. We’d all love to trust that employees are honest and account for their time accurately, but even the best-intentioned employee can slip up. This is usually not because of them trying to get paid for work not done, but because a situation arises that is out of their control, or not controlled at all. By enabling staff a way to record their time and attendance correctly and efficiently, you’ll also save money within your business.

If you want to explore more workforce management capabilities within Accentis Enterprise, get in touch with us. Time and attendance of staff is only one aspect of a complete ERP system and can’t be ignored. Find out more and ask about our 12 months no-interest payments for new businesses.