Time Tracking in Accentis Enterprise

Time tracking is a way to record the amount of time spent performing a task.

In Accentis Enterprise, time tracking is useful for allocating budgets and forecasting. It is also used in manufacturing, assembly and production processes to improve value.

As an ERP system, Accentis Enterprise allocates time tracking of employees for tasks. This data will be helpful to work out an employee’s efficiency on completing a task.

It may take one employee over two hours to complete a task that other employees can complete quicker. This indicates either a lack of skill or that there is more required training.

Time tracking in a business is important, and recording time needs to be a priority.

What is Time?

One aspect of humanity that is constant throughout the world is time. Whether it’s measured by the sun, the seasons or by growth of trees, time is always passing.

It’s a strange concept that is always moving forward in a constant manner. We can’t speed up, slow down, reverse or stop it completely, at least, we don’t know how to yet.

Humans didn’t even invent time, because it was ticking along well before we decided to look into it. What we have done is measure it, record it, and use it to structure our lives.

Time tracking is now used as a measure for many human interactive requirements.

Because we don’t control time, it’s constant and the same for everyone, we can utilise it in business. It’s used as a reference point for appointments, or the ability to charge or pay people.

These moments or blocks of time can be useful as a consistent value that we put on ourselves.

What is Attendance?

Wikipedia defines attendance as:

the concept of people, individually or as a group, appearing at a location for a previously scheduled event.

As a business, we use attendance to record someone’s presence at work to the job we are paying them to do.

We use the time they are in attendance to work out how much we will pay them to do that job.

It is vital for businesses to be able to record this information in a consistent environment.

Time and Attendance at Work

You can thank Henry Ford, yes, the car maker, for creating the 40-hour week as we know it.

It’s wasn’t a lofty idea to be generous to his employees at the time. It was to allow his employees leisure time in which they would have time to drive. This means they would have to buy his cars.

A business wants to know how long an employee is at work during the week. The employee also needs payment for attending work for this number of hours.

Time and Attendance work hand-in-hand for both the employer and the employee.

When used on a regular basis, the business can forecast rosters and financial details.

Benefits of Time Tracking

Time and attendance features within Accentis Enterprise are deep-linked and powerful.

Employees paid for the correct amount of time worked will be more engaged and willing to put more effort in.

As a business, you can forecast further into the future as data is constantly being collected. You can even use it recover labour.

As an employee increases their skill level, their abilities will increase their responsibilities. This gives you more time that they can be doing other jobs or making your business money.

The more friction that you can remove for a staff to record their time at work, the more you will benefit. Staff retention will increase, improving the skill and abilities of the business. This in turn can allow you to charge more for your product as production and quality increase.

As skills, production and quality increase, so too will your business’ profit!

Time Tracking Processes

Since we started recording time, we have needed a way to track it. Obviously, the best way to do that when we started was manually using paper timesheets.

While this manual process has lasted so long and is still used to this day, it’s not the most efficient use of time. We’ve written before about why paper timesheets are costing your business money.

Accentis Enterprise allows work time and attendance recording from a variety of tools. Employees can use barcodes, RFID tags and biometrics such as fingerprint and iris.

We have partnered with Aussie Time Sheets to provide time-recording hardware. Their state-of-the-art peripherals give you flexibility and efficiency of recording employee’s time.


We know we can’t change the 40-hour work week, but we can help your employees record their time over it much better.

Using Accentis Enterprise for your time tracking solution, you will benefit. These extend to payroll, manufacturing and job costing, to name a few.

Using our ERP system for your workforce management, you have the advantage of many systems within one. Our business management software stands alone to offer you peace of mind.

If you’re a business owner looking to increase your efficiency and save time and money, look no further. We cater to small to medium sized businesses that use too many software systems.

Increase your profit and improve your business, starting with better time tracking.

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