Maybe you’re thinking that sales are more important, but a good Stock Control system will affect both Sales and Purchases. Accentis has a broad scope of tools available to help manage this process, from procurement, manufacture and package right through to sales and, repeat sales. If your Inventory Management is neglected in any way, these questions may apply to you.

  1. How do you know what stock you need to order?
    Maybe you can walk around the shop or glance into the warehouse and see a shelf that is low, or a fridge that is nearly empty. But how is that at all accurate enough? Maybe you’re able to run a sales report and just order all the products that you’ve sold…
  2. What is the value of the stock that you’re holding?
    If you don’t know how much stock you are holding, or worse yet, the value of it, you don’t know how many sales you need to make to move it all. When you hold too much stock, it is easy for it to go out of date quickly if it is perishable, or become obsolete if your supplier releases a  more up to date product. Why would a customer want your product that you have had for so long when there is a new version available?
  3. If you manufacture goods, how do you know you can produce everything to sell?
    What good is it having a sales person on the road selling your product, only for customers to make an order you can’t fulfil? If you don’t know what stock you have available, you don’t know that you can even make the customer’s order. How long will it take from your supplier to order the materials required so you can serve your customer?
  4. What happens to stock you can’t sell, use or return?
    If you have no idea of what your stock levels are, you’re more likely to increase wastage, or pay for stock that becomes useless to you as a business. You’re basically throwing money down the drain. Have you even got a wastage procedure so you can track why you are not able to sell product? Who is responsible for this and how often?
  5. How much is your business worth?
    Your business is worth a lot of money not only to you, but employees, investors, suppliers and customers. By having an inferior Stock Management system, you run the risk of putting your business on the line. No business can afford to sit on a tightrope.

So what are the answers and how do you go about it? Accentis is a Fully-Integrated, Stock Management facility that controls your Inventory to help you make the best decisions for your business.

  • SEE – Stock is tracked from when you purchase it right through to when you sell it.
  • SEE – Run automated reports that give you Stock Levels, Required Stock Orders, Stock Valuation, Stock Perishability (FIFO) and Stock Wastage.
  • SEE – Generate Work Orders and Job Sheets so you can see exactly how much product is required for an upcoming job.
  • KNOW – Generate Purchase Orders automatically to send to Suppliers when your stock is below recommended levels.
  • KNOW – Easily view where you are wasting product and why. There’s nothing wrong with wastage, it just needs to be recorded so you can make informed decisions on how to handle it better and know why you’re wasting it.
  • KNOW – FIFO or First In/First Out. An important way to make sure you are not selling stock that is new, when you have the same stock that is older.
  • GROW – Accurate forecasting of sales helps to know what stock is required and when.
  • GROW – Increase your overall profit by minimising wastage and increasing sales with overloaded stock levels.

Accentis has been designed to not only help with Stock Control and Inventory Management, but to also help Increase Sales and Minimise Wastage. If you think a fully integrated solution could be the answer to some of your business woes, why not give Accentis a call, or request some more information.