Tracking Stock Inventory

Despite many services available for inventory management tracking, some businesses often lack their implementation.

Small to medium-sized businesses should be using tools that reduce their frustrations.

A good inventory and warehouse management system is a start, especially for manufacturers. Accentis Enterprise is one such tool that helps to manage this, and many other business needs.

If you’re a business that is still using spreadsheets to manage your inventory, you should try to stop. Not only will it be costing your business money, but it’s inefficient.

Inventory Management Software

Do you have a large footprint for inventory and stock, such as a large warehouse or plot of land that covers a huge area?

Having to wait on other staff to submit reports, or needing to re-count stock on many occasions is waste of time. In some cases using mediocre inventory management software, or none at all, this will be an issue.

Why, you may ask?

You should be able to print a report or stock list for the plot or area that you are trying to manage at the time of stock take. It should display the current stock on hand and the value that’s represented.

Accentis Enterprise ERP will manage your stock inventory and more! As a complete ERP system, your entire business benefits from a fully-integrated solution.

Manufacturing Stock Control

Accentis Enterprise is a complete business management system to help with manufacturing products. The manufacturing process requires an integrated approach to account for builds, and wastage.

Stock control on component items used to manufacture a finished product increase efficiency.

Accentis Enterprise can account for the items required for a build, allowing you to do full or part build. Allocation of resources can come from many different warehouse or stock locations.

The system will decrement stock from each location as the build progresses. This ensures that a stock take performed in any location is correct for the count. Track items that you create from each warehouse location through to distribution.

The MRP system will provide reports and cost analysis that are useful for cost pricing. You can control every aspect of your product cycle and ensure valuable stock items turn over.

Each individual item can be batch-tracked for manufacturing fault finding or product recalls. Item warranty and repair control will improve future product releases. Tracing issues back to the specific manufacturing process will decrease further faulty products.

Stock Control Management Features

In order for stock control within your business, you need a feature-rich solution to manage it.

Accentis Enterprise contains a large number of features. These enhance not only stock control for your business, but many other areas.

Some of the powerful features available are:

  • Save time by using product templates to create new items
  • Make Invoice checking a breeze by Importing Supplier price lists
  • Don’t try to be a calculator. Use Accentis Enterprise for auto-conversion of many units of measurement
  • Integrated freight costing saves you having to add the same information each time
  • Let all staff view the items by using Pictures and photographs of them
  • Give staff the right information always with Real-time inventory transaction processing
  • Create, manage and maintain your Inventory with full bar coding support

Food, Horticulture and Manufacturing Inventory Support

Are you a food producer, horticultural plant nursery or a manufacturer of raw goods?

Do you import or export goods around Australia or overseas?

Managing inventory doesn’t start or stop with only counting the number or items you have. It’s also more involved than knowing the cost prices and valuation of each item.

A good inventory support system will consist of the ability to control every aspect, and do it well. Accentis Enterprise is a full-featured ERP solution that delivers results.

Track goods all the way through purchasing to sales. While in your warehouse, they’re managed and dispensed with proper care. Shipping to multi-national outlets such as Bunnings is possible with EDI formatting. After-sales service can control warranty and repair information, for each individual item.

Conclusion to Inventory Management

As you can see, an inventory management system is not just about supporting your stock items. It’s an integral part of the business that needs to be accountable across the board.

Accentis Enterprise is a powerful, state-of-the-art inventory management system for SMEs in Australia. We’re an Australian ERP software business located in Nundah, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland (QLD).

We support your business with a rock-solid stock control and inventory database solution. That’s in-turn supported by a complete ERP system to help manage your entire business.

Stock control management is a vital part of any business. If your business suffers from poor inventory tracking, you’re losing money.

There’s more than one way to manage your business. Accentis Enterprise gives you a large range of customisation options, which improve efficiency.

Including an inventory management tracking system into your business will see instant results. This is of course, reliant on you as a business owner to input the data as required.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business that has issues around stock control, this is the answer. We’re experienced, valued, and provide support where other software companies don’t.

Start a conversation with us today, and get on the road to making more profit tomorrow!


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