Warehouse Management System (WMS)

How is your warehouse currently being managed?

A warehouse management system (WMS) should be an integral part of any inventory-controlled business.

It is most commonly included as a module within an ERP system, which manages the business overall.

A WMS will manage multiple locations with full inventory stock control to fulfil variety of industry requirements.

Warehouses are not always a physical building or location.

In a distribution sense, “warehouses” can be located on different shelves, plot sections or bins for easy access.

Instances like this can occur for small products and manufacturing pieces that require a small footprint only — for example, in a very large area that contains multiple divided lots, such as in a wholesale plant nursery or in plastics, medicial or pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing.

A WMS can be utilised by many different types of businesses, whether they are a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or retailer.

Managed Warehouse Integrations

Picking, packing and shipping should all be managed through the WMS to facilitate business management overall, especially when it comes to controlling inventory.

Within the ERP system, the inventory stock control system will be fully-integrated to supply chain management and MRP modules.

This aids the business by improving efficiency and reporting, because it’s all contained in a single software solution.

Manufacturing businesses take full advantage of warehouse management by being able to leverage the location and quantity of required items when running reports through the MRP system.

Retail business owners will appreciate the time saved by knowing the location of goods in the warehouse.

With a warehouse, they can ensure the shop floor is stocked appropriately and verify that any stock a customer requests is available.

Warehouse Inventory Control

Inventory control within a warehouse allows business management full control of all products.

From the time they are delivered to when they leave the warehouse for sales, returns or transfers.

A well implemented WMS such as one that Accentis Enterprise ERP provides, improves efficiency and productivity by providing a structured process to follow — one that will, in-turn, improve accuracy throughout the working day.

When using a WMS, the data will be shared near-instantly to other modules. Other departments will order and receive stock more quickly.

This eliminates the need for excess paperwork.

Bill of Material (BoM) reports will aid manufacturing businesses as soon as the WMS is implemented.

The MRP system will ensure stock is available to fabricate and assemble the orders whether they are full or partial builds.

Is Warehouse Management Stock Control?

Stock control is the management of counts and values within a warehouse’s stocked inventory.

Warehouse management is the control of an item’s location and the order in which the item should be used.

The WMS will work in-conjunction with the inventory and stock control systems.

Accentis Enterprise provides a seamless platform, allowing each module to share data as required.

It’s not an uncommon scenario for features to overlap within Accentis Enterprise depending on the application required.


You should invest in an ERP system such as Accentis Enterprise if your current warehouse solutions, or lack thereof, are not allowing your business to expand.

The longer you leave it to make a change, the longer it will take for your business to reach its potential.

Take advantage of what Accentis Enterprise can offer.

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