Taking the challenge head-on to provide an electronics ERP system, Accentis stepped up and offered a solution for the masses, Mass Electronics. As one of our first clients and consisting of challenging requirements, working with the Mass Electronics group gave Accentis the chance to prove it was the best ERP system for small to medium businesses. Mass Electronics group, including Innotech Controls, create and maintain a wide variety of products across a diverse range of innovative solutions. As manufacturers of control system products for almost 35 years, Mass is truly an industry leader in the field. Having progressed to include up to 100 staff along with a solid research and development team, providing a software solution  to enable them to continue their work was vital.

One of the reasons that Mass chose Accentis was the ability to offer exceptional speed and reliability, backed up with a robustness that they could count on. Many manufacturing businesses can have millions of transactions in their database, creating a data hungry beast that not every software product can satisfy. Gladly, Accentis Enterprise has justified the hype by providing Mass with an electronics ERP system that goes above and beyond expectations. As is common for many small businesses, the reason Mass was looking for a software change stemmed from having multiple software products running their daily operations. For a growing company, the need for an integrated solution was apparent.

Some of the many features and improvements that an electronics ERP system can offer are:

  • Cost reductions in business overheads due to improved efficiency
  • Workflow control of CAD files right through to initialisation of surface mount “pick and place” machines
  • Inventory product data stored directly from CAD designs
  • Data conversion enables placement of components on circuit boards
  • One-click manufacturing run on a configured work order

If your business is in the stages of growth where an electronics ERP system can be a benefit, you should contact us. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to offer you solutions so you can get on with manufacturing. Couple that with our incredible 12 months non-interest payment period, and you’ll be expanding your operations in no time.