It’s been more than 30 years since Microsoft released Excel, and in that time, there’s likely been billions of spreadsheets created. How many are you responsible for?

There are now so many spreadsheet programs available that you need a spreadsheet to collate them all!

The fundamental features of Excel haven’t changed much, in that it can handle a great amount of data, display graphs and figures and be programmed to perform many different tasks.

There’s even an old Japanese artist who uses it to create his masterpieces!

– Tatsuo Horiuchi

But when you’re running a business that’s growing, it’s time to be more serious about the programs you use.

Excel Spreadsheet Uses

Although Excel wasn’t designed with awe-inspiring artwork in mind, if you’re talented enough, you can make it.

It’s exactly the same with your financial data that you’re determined to keep stuffing into little cells. Excel was not designed to record every single financial record, and by doing so, you’re making your life more difficult.

It’s not impossible to do either of these things in Excel, but it’s very time consuming.

If you’re creating amazing works of art, we want to see them! If you’re a growing a business, then we need to talk.

What’s Wrong with Spreadsheets?

There’s business tools aplenty,  and there’s nothing inherently wrong with Excel. As you grow, however, you need a more suitable solution for more complicated tasks.

A simple mistake in a spreadsheet now could mean an expensive one is made in the future, all because of a misplaced figure!

As you become more successful, relying on spreadsheets will not only hinder your growth but severely affect how successful your business can be.

The longer you rely on multiple spreadsheets and the duplication of data between files or software products, the more chance a mistake will impact your business negatively.

This is a fact, and we’ve written about it before.

Stop Using Spreadsheets

One of our customers, Josh from Petite Waffles, used a large number of spreadsheets to run his business until it became too much.

Watch the below interview with him to see how easy it was for him to switch from using spreadsheets to taking advantage of Accentis Enterprise and all the features we have on offer.

As you can see, even though Josh had an extensive spreadsheet collection to manage his business, he was much happier when he was able to use Accentis Enterprise and focus more on his specialty: waffles.

That’s exactly what Accentis Enterprise can do for your business.

Benefits to not Using Spreadsheets

Despite the obvious advantage of minimising mistakes and limiting data duplication, there are many other benefits to using Accentis Enterprise instead of spreadsheets.

We can give you your time back, so you can focus on the reason you have a business in the first place.

Any headaches caused by files being deleted or employees complaining about your business tools will be a thing of the past.

Let us take away your multiple spreadsheet nightmare, ease the pain and give you time to follow your business dreams.


Excel spreadsheets are common in many businesses because they are easy to use and do the job when you start using them.

But they can’t give you the results that you need as you and your business become more successful.

Imagine what you can do for your business by switching to Accentis Enterprise!

Would you rather make art, or save time and money?

Is it time to start a conversation? Contact us to find out how we can improve your business with more than just removing your reliance on Excel.