Would your business improve with a $5k – $10k saving on staff wages every year?

The expression “You can’t see the forest for the trees” has never been more apt for businesses than it is in this day and age. Running a business is now more complex than it used to be due to legal requirements, staff, technological advances and business systems that are supposed to save you time and money, but don’t. After a while, you have multiple processes for staff in various departments using various software products that each do a single task. Unless you can cut through the clutter and look into the processes at hand, you will never know and just keep spending money on your current situation.

Picture this: You have one staff member who spends 30mins over the course of a day, re-entering data from one software product into another product, all because they don’t integrate. A report needs to be printed or manually imported to another product, adding friction, or in this case time, to your wages. 30 minutes certainly doesn’t sound like a lot, but that 30 minutes is 2.5 hours a week, or 120 hours a year! Maybe it’s not 30 minutes, it might be 20. What if it’s an entire hour or multiple staff!

A fully integrated system with user permissions and controlled access gives you that ability. Accounting, Payroll, Manufacturing, Suppliers, Warehousing, Job Costing, Inventory, CRM, Scheduling and more, are just some of the positives from moving to a fully-integrated business solution. You know your business, we know we can help. We provide the tools to allow you to be better at what you do, and do it well. We bet you’re just as serious about your business as we are about ours, that’s why we use Accentis in-house too! Want more information, click here to have someone contact you.