Manufacturing software designed specifically for your business and to manage everyday solutions used to be hard to come by until Accentis stepped up. Born from a manufacturing plant focussed on micro-electronic components that required a feature-rich software solution, Accentis has now grown to be a true ERP system, encompassing many industry and business-related products.

Some history…

Accentis Enterprise ERP was initially conceived as an all-encompassing business management software solution to replace out-dated software. After years of development and working hands-on with people involved in all aspects of a $20M business, a simple yet powerful ERP system emerged, one that could handle all aspects of a business including manufacturing, payroll and HR, fixed assets and job costing. Containing all the capabilities of a financial and inventory management system, Accentis Enterprise continues to grow. Accentis now helps many businesses grow within a huge range of industry sectors and business types that demand an improvement in business management software.

Manufacturing software (MRP or MRPII) is required not only for a single industry but for everything from electrical components, food production, plastic moulding, metal fabrication and more. Our success in delivering software that benefits manufacturers is built on the experiences and requests of our clients. Take PWR Performance Products for instance, a manufacturer of cooling solutions for some of the most demanding clients throughout the world, such as Red Bull F1 Racing, NASCAR, Porsche and Aston Martin. PWR Performance Products needed an equally powerful software solution to help manage their manufacturing business and to expand it. Accentis Enterprise provided them with the manufacturing software they required, coupled with the integrated financial, payroll, inventory and control software they needed. Not only that, the ability and flexibility of maintaining quality control documents for ISO certification was a much-welcomed efficiency gain.

PWR Performance Products continues to grow and reach new heights thanks in part to Accentis who provide the manufacturing software requirements while delivering benefits business wide. Being a global company with offices in other time zones and currencies, it’s important that the correct information is represented as required in these key areas, specifically for sales budgets and stock control. Accentis Enterprise offers PWR complete business control from all angles, allowing them to offer complete satisfaction and service to their customers worldwide.

Being able to manage your business efficiently is one thing. But with Accentis enterprise, we offer the manufacturing software to enable you to take on the world! Contact us for more information on how we can help you today, and ask us about our 12 months interest-free payment plan for growing businesses.