Accreditation and Certifications

In some cases, Accreditation and Certifications are required for businesses to be able to operate. Accentis Enterprise can help you achieve and maintain them.

While Accentis is not an issuer of certifications and accreditation, functionality within Accentis Enterprise can offer you the auditing and record keeping capabilities to help you achieve and maintain your requirements.

Accentis ERP has many clients across a wide range of business types across an ever-increasing selection of industry sectors that are required to maintain standards relating to safety, structural conditions, medical requirements and more.

Accentis Enterprise Client Based Accreditation

Through our large network of clients and industries, Accentis Enterprise has been instrumental in being able to provide a platform for businesses to develop procedures and processes that allow them to meet certain standards in their industry.

Depending on the industry, the business in question, and the type of applications for which the product or service will be used, there are many different situations and requirements.

For example, being able to accurately record, maintain and audit the data used to calibrate and satisfy the various elements of the application and approval process is paramount to many businesses’ livelihoods.

Some of our customers have the highest level of certification in their industry. These certifications can include HACCP, ISO (2015, 9001, 13485, 14001), NATA, BFA, AFRDI, QECA, CHS-2008, TGA, Achilles, various AS (4801, 4804), CHSAS 18001, F4N, AGPAL, ACCRM and QBCC, and many more.

Data Integrity and Database Design

One of the reasons Accentis Enterprise can help is due our robust documentation storage and data recording capabilities.

This allows for processes and procedures to be followed adequately to ensure best industry practice and product compliance.

When a business enterprise sets out to gain their accreditation and certifications, the support of a program such as Accentis Enterprise becomes paramount.

While researching business management software, make sure you confirm that any standards you require can be managed and maintained through document recording and reporting.

Who Needs Certification and Accreditation

Businesses who succeed in gaining certificates or becoming accredited do so not just for the sake of their business marketing or to appeal to investors. It’s more important than that.

These businesses are sometimes required to go through the accreditation process in order to sell their product or service.

In some cases, this is necessary to show that the business can provide a product that meets the standards of various governments around the world.

Being an accredited and certified business costs money and accreditation can be an ongoing requirement for safety and legal reasons.

It’s important you can estimate, budget and forecast these costs and utilise the reporting tools within Accentis Enterprise to manage business projects that require them.

Accentis ERP System

We can offer advice and support on what you require from an ERP solution and can help with specifications.

Although Accentis Enterprise does not issue certifications or accreditation to businesses, our ERP software allows a business to be confident they will meet the conditions required.

Through our advanced database design, exceptional data record keeping and reporting capabilities, your business auditing will be easier and more manageable than ever before.

N.B. Accentis Enterprise will not be able to guarantee that using our software will enable you to achieve accreditation or certification. We are not a governing body with the means to test these requirements.

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