Are you looking to get accreditation and certifications for your business? Accentis Enterprise ERP system is one of your new best friends!

While Accentis is not an issuer of certifications and accreditation, the functionality within Accentis Enterprise can offer you the auditing and record keeping capabilities that can help you achieve and maintain your requirements. Accentis ERP has many clients across a wide range of business types across an ever-increasing selection of industry sectors that are required to maintain standards relating to safety, structural conditions, medical requirements and more.

Just some of the standards, certifications and accreditation our clients are successful in maintaining are:

One of the reasons that Accentis Enterprise is able to help is due our robust documentation storage capabilities and recording of data. This allows for processes and procedures to be followed adequately to ensure best industry practice and product compliance. When a business enterprise sets out to gain their accreditation and certifications, the support of programs such as Accentis Enterprise become paramount. Businesses who succeed in gaining certificates or becoming accredited do so not just for the sake of their business marketing or to appeal to investors, it’s more important than that. These businesses are sometimes required to go through the process to be able to sell their product or service, or to show that they are able to provide a product that meets the standards of various governments around the world, of which protects the public that the companies sell to.

We are able to offer advice and support on what you require from an ERP solution and can help with specifications. Although Accentis does not issue certifications or accreditation to businesses, our ERP software allows a business to be confident that they can meet the conditions required. Accentis will not be able to guarantee that using our software will enable you to achieve accreditation or certification, as we are not a governing body with the means to test these requirements.

If you want to know more about how Accentis Enterprise can help your business meet standards and gain certifications and accreditation, then contact us to find out what we do. You should also ask about our 12 month payment plan with no interest! Chat to you soon.