Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. And they just keep going and going and going and going and, well you get the picture. Time is a precious and valuable constant to any business, and it needs to be managed well. You can’t save time for use later, you can only manage and record it. Even though it is relatively simple to manage staff and ensure they are working properly, are you getting the best return on hours worked for all staff? Probably not, and we’ll show you why.

Does any of the following sound familiar?
  • Your payroll clerk can’t tell if the staff member wrote a 5 or an 8 on their time sheet, because they were rushing to get out the door!
  • Your manager took a night off unexpectedly, and all staff signed off at the same time with no one to verify
  • Staff don’t submit time sheets on time, or at all, and payday becomes a nightmare
  • Complaints start rolling in on payday because their pay was incorrect to the time they claim they have worked
  • Managers are unable to budget effectively due to poor time keeping records

Imagine improved staff retention, work efficiency and loads more time to do the things that matter. Check it out, you can have all of that using the Accentis TimeClock, and more!

Included in Accentis Enterprise, staff can sign on and sign off using biometrics such as their eyes, palm or fingerprints! Does that sound like a little bit too much for what you need, because if so we also can use RFID tags or barcode scanners. Accentis can record when staff start or stop a job on a PC, instantly logging the details to be calculated and reported on, whenever you like! No more having to manually read times sheets and enter data, it’s all there, instantly every day. If your business charges customers based on time spent working on a service for them, you can accurately invoice the customer to the correct times. Eliminate the guesswork and improve your business’s bottom line by reducing time spent on recording time!

On our Time Clock page, we go into great detail with just one example of how Accentis can help your business. But there’s so many more ways you can improve time management in your business. Think about this, if you could increase your business performance on customer service, increase turnover and gain better staff attendance with the time you have now, wouldn’t you want to? Of course!

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