Accentis Enterprise Software

Running a business can be hard, especially with mediocre enterprise software.

There’s so much you need to organise from the get-go. Suppliers, employees, equipment, environment, training and more. All while trying to attract customers.

Starting a small business and growing into a successful enterprise is exciting. It’s also an on-going commitment.

As you grow, have you grown your business management software though?

Off-the-shelf accounting systems and Excel spreadsheets can only last so long.

An ERP system such as Accentis Enterprise can replace all your software tools. This increases your efficiency, removes duplication of data, and improves your processes.

It’s a win, win, win!

SME Enterprise Solution

Have you grown your business to a point and it now needs a better solution?

In all honesty, most business owners take forever to make a decision. It’s usually planned well in advance, or something negative needs fixing fast!

It might also be something that is out of your control altogether. Take for instance the requirements of Australian businesses needing to now use Single Touch Payroll (STP).

For many businesses, this meant upgrading their payroll software to something suitable.

How could your SME handle an enquiry from a party interested in buying you out? Without the right tools in place, you might be fumbling through spreadsheets for days!

Implementing enterprise software such as an ERP solution is not a quick fix. But let’s be real, you don’t want it to be.

When you install ERP software for your business, a staged and on-going implementation is best.

Implementing Enterprise Software

Spiders! Some people like them, some people find them scary. Changing software in a business can have the same effect on your employees.

ERP software is more than a simple program. It’s advanced, powerful, an investment, and can often assume the role of a new employee.

It’s going to take time to learn the benefits, and first up, we need to make everyone comfortable.

One of the first things we do is replace your current software’s functionality. It will behave similar in Accentis Enterprise software, so it’s familiar to everyone.

After that, it’s a case of bringing on more and more stages of your business processes, one at a time.

Of course, some businesses will do many stages at once, it depends on the needs of the business.

When most employees are ready, you’ll find they will start asking for new functions. This is when the ERP system becomes more than just a piece of software.

An ERP System Brings New Procedures

Habits are hard to break, and not only personal ones.

Growing businesses will have had some procedures in place since the beginning. It feels easier to keep doing it that way than to learn a new way that’s more efficient.

Because you’ve been using many different software products, complicated procedures are the norm.

Accentis Enterprise is a fully-integrated ERP system. But wait, what does that even mean?

Fully-integrated gives you data that’s shared program wide. You don’t need to duplicate data into different systems, it’s available to anyone on data entry.

The entire ecosystem handles everything you need, in a single program. You will still need procedures, but they will change and adapt as you learn more.

The new procedures you introduce will streamline your business and save wages. Time spent doing repetitive tasks is now spent on other business needs.

An ERP system will allow your business to grow more naturally, saving you precious resources.

Is An ERP Solution Right For Me?

There are many successful SME’s running their business without an ERP solution. It’s not for everyone.

When we’re contacted by a business, we don’t want to waste your time, or ours. If our software is not going to suit your business, or is too much for your business right now, we’ll tell you.

When you grow to a point where you do need it, we’ll still be in touch.

Our specialists know exactly the right questions to ask so you don’t get lumped with a new, but pointless product.

We know that changing to an enterprise product is not as easy as it sounds, but we don’t let it become a leap of faith either.

We’re here every step of the way to help you grow, and if that means taking a step back because we can’t help, we will.

Accentis Enterprise is a powerful ERP software solution that improves many business issues.

From Payroll/HR, Inventory and Financial Accounting, to Manufacturing, Suppliers, Customers and Assets. There’s so much that’s improved when you get rolling.


Accentis Enterprise helps businesses with powerful Australian ERP software.

Improvements using a fully-integrated business management tool can save you time and money.

An ERP system is not for every SME, and we’d tell you if that’s the case. Don’t spend money when you don’t need to.

On the flip side, if your business is growing and you’re always playing catch up, there’s a problem.

Our ERP software will help you build your business into a profit-driving machine.

Better business management, reporting, analysis and more pave the way for successful growth.

You should contact us now if you’re experiencing business struggles. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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