Small Business Day – #MSMEDay19

Today is MSME Day, or International Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Day!

As we are also a small to medium-sized business, we understand the struggle and joy of running an SME. Today is possible thanks to the UN for recognising the input that SMEs have on the world.

Accentis Enterprise was developed for Small to Medium-sized Businesses that struggled to grow.

A stall in business growth was usually because they were no longer as efficient as they once were. This is due in part to outdated business processes and too many software options.

Small to Medium-sized businesses can struggle with internal resources that cause headaches. These headaches are often over-looked because of the money or time spent on them has been gradual.

Because it hasn’t been an abrupt change to get to this point, an abrupt change needs to happen for them to continue.

International #MSMEDay19 is a day for business owners. Take a step back from your business and recognise the contribution that you provide.

World’s Largest Employers

Micro, Small and Medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of many economic successes. This is due to employment of a large work force across many different industries all over the world.

MSMEs are the world’s largest employers collectively. They are responsible for providing employment for the on-going and incoming workforce.

As the aged population around the world continue to grow, so too does the economic needs to support them. This is an issue that come countries are already struggling with, such as Japan for example.

By supporting MSMEs, you are supporting your local and regional population. The provide a large and diverse network of knowledge, experience and amazing products.

Due to the nature of our product, Accentis Enterprise supports a Small to Medium-Sized business case.

Important To Regional Communities

In Australia, over 85% of the population live within 50Km of the coast. Outside of that area, and also within, there resides a lot of regional communities.

You won’t find many large multi-national companies setting up shop in regional communities. Small to Medium-sized businesses is what supports these communities.

As more and more people flock to the larger cities to earn more money, the communities left behind rely on MSMEs. Australian regional communities are well known for supporting each other in hard times.

On International Small Business Day, think about these regional communities. They exist off the backs of small business owners who provide job security for many people in the region.

International Small Business Day For Education

How many small businesses do you interact with throughout your day?

The small coffee shop on the way to work. The cafe or bistro where you grab your lunch. The vending machine selling phone chargers.

Each one of these small businesses supports anywhere from 1 – 25 people on average.

On International Small Business Day, think of the impact an MSME has on education.

Students who are studying will usually hold one or more jobs in a small business. The small business’ flexibility allows students to work around their studies.

A small to medium-sized business is as reliant on these workers as the students are on their job. It’s a win-win for all parties involved. As the students graduate and move out of these positions, the business cycles and hires new staff.

Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

A small to medium-sized enterprise is a small to medium-sized business. A growing business will need support, and that’s where Accentis Enterprise steps in.

Accentis Enterprise specialises in improving processes and efficiency for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s all we do, but we do it well!

As a business grows, it accumulates more and more processes over time. New software purchases seem helpful to begin with, but without integration it can become a headache.

Soon, there are only two solutions to help an MSME move forward.

Most businesses make the mistake of hiring extra staff to do the work, thinking that is the problem. Smart businesses will realise that improving their processes will be a better investment.

When you improve your business processes, your business will grow. Naturally, as you grow and become more efficient, you can hire more staff dedicated to the job you need.

Accentis Enterprise is kind of like an employee for your business. It takes all the complicated and repetitive jobs and makes them easier to manage.

Defined processes, better automation and seamless integration between ERP modules. Accentis Enterprise supports small to medium-sized businesses by giving you advanced features.


International MSME Day 2019 is here today to celebrate the impact on the world that these businesses have.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, this is a day for you to sit back and pat yourself on the back.

Without you, there would be more economic issues, more unemployment and less community support.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business that should be growing, it might be time for a change.

Contact us to find out how we can help you on the path to growth.

MSME Day 2019

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