Have you ever thought about what happens when your business becomes an enterprise? Starting a business is actually very simple to do. All you need is a product or service, and someone who’s willing to pay you to take them. But how do you know when your business becomes an enterprise, and what do you need to do about it?

The short answer is, nothing, if you don’t want to.

As with any business venture, the goal of the owner is in the most part, to make money. As the business grows, the goals increase. Not just to make money, but to support staff, increase your product range and maybe, make a difference in the world. A business can grow in many ways that can define it as successful. Depending on the product or service, the business may need to hire a lot of staff to continue to grow, or it might be an increase in technology use to get the job done more efficiently. There are so many more ways to define business growth (and we’re not going to delve into them now), but the growing bit, that’s how you know when your business becomes an enterprise.

A business will need an ERP system when it gets to a certain point, often during or after a growth phase of the business. It’s generally also not something that comes out of the blue, but slowly begins to materialise in the business owner’s mind as they become more aware of their business’ success, and the failings that can occur if a change isn’t made. There’s no hard and fast rule about when a business becomes an enterprise, and truth be told, all businesses can be an enterprise if they want. Increasing sales, technology demands, customer relationships and business processes can only be handled by off-the-shelf products for so long, and then you need to upgrade to an enterprise solution, and that’s exactly what Accentis Enterprise offers.

When your business becomes an enterprise, take the time to think about the features you need, that match up with what your current software products do. If you have a general ledger program, and use multiple spreadsheets, along with a stock control system and record employees time and attendance on yet another system, then you’ve picked the best time to invest in ERP. Accentis Enterprise has all those features in a single software solution, plus many more. Did you know that Accentis has over 600 standard reports available out of the gate, and not only that, but they custom write reports specific for your business requirements? That’s right, not only can you do away with multiple software products and become more efficient, you can also gather and report on more data, that’s actually relevant to your business! No more trying to conform with the products of yesteryear, break the mould and we’ll give you the tools make your own way. That’s the Accentis Enterprise difference!

So, when your business becomes an enterprise, contact us to get the best customisation options and features available to help your business grow! You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget to ask about our finance options, including our 12 months of no interest payment plan. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.