Basic Accounting Software

When your business first became a reality, one of the most important things you needed was something basic in the form of off-the-shelf accounting software.

While it was helpful to begin with and did what you needed with a few quirks, it’s no longer suitable.

You’re probably not running a basic business, so it stands to reason you probably shouldn’t be using basic accounting software to look at it.

The training wheels have come off and now it’s time to get on this bicycle and see where you can really go.

Better Technology

Business management software comes in many forms and can include all sorts of additional functionality.

Some accounting software will include a simple payroll solution.

Others will include a time sheet function for recording standard hours, but they just don’t stack up to proper software solution.

That’s the difference Accentis Enterprise can make for your business.

Our ERP system isn’t just an accounting system with other features tacked on; it’s a complete business management software solution that includes Accounting, Payroll, Timesheets, Inventory, CRM and more!

If Accentis were a restaurant, it would cook, clean, prep and serve, because that’s exactly what enterprise software is designed to do.

Off the Shelf Accounting

A basic accounting software package is a starting point, but why would you upgrade every other aspect of your business and leave the administration software alone?

There is a better solution and it’s time you took advantage of it for the sake of your business.

Basic accounting software is designed specifically for one purpose: to attract the masses who are new to business and don’t know any better.

You’re better now.

You know what you need and it’s time you stopped having to roll-over at the end of the year or locking yourself out of posting at the end of the month.

Are your transactions viewable in real-time, showing live account balances? Probably not.

Accentis is the Best

At Accentis, we’re specialists in what we do.

We help businesses consolidate their multiple software products, throw away the confusing number of spreadsheets and incorporate all your business processes into a single, simplified solution.

It’s not a basic accounting system; it’s an all-in-one business changing opportunity.

Here are the facts about why Accentis is better than a basic accounting system:

  • Smaller systems fail under load
  • No reflection of business processes
  • Rigid reporting facilities and problems with performance
  • Heavy reliance on using multiple software products


It’s not hard to see why a basic accounting system is no match for Accentis .

The basics just can’t keep up with all the aspects you need for your business, regardless of the industry. Plastics, Food, Wholesale or Plant, we’re suitable for it all.

Contact us today and we’ll get a product specialist to reach out to you to discuss how Accentis Enterprise will change how you do business for the better.

Get in touch now and you can take advantage of our 12 months no-interest payment plan, so you can have your cake and eat it too!

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