Not for Profit, Non Profit or NFP

It’s easy to forget that a Not for Profit (NFP), Non Profit or Charity organisation needs to have business accounting software to run effectively.

A common misconception is that a Not for Profit entity doesn’t generate a profit, but that’s not true.

They are able to generate a profit that can be used for the benefits of members, create and offer a service, pay people who work for the organisation, and to save money to invest in a new project to help members.

It’s a very worthwhile cause, that in the end, needs worthwhile accounting. More information on how Not for Profit organisations operate can be found here.

Accounting of Funds, Assets and Inventory

Regardless of the services or products that are offered by the organisation, an accounting of assets, funding and inventory will still be required.

Reporting and analysis along with record-keeping capabilities for any audits that may be required are also something that needs to be considered.

Depending on the services and products, there can be any number of additional details that may need to be recorded for the purpose of showing the government the distribution and disbursement of the assets to members.

Accentis Enterprise has a very strong reporting and auditing background, allowing for certification and accreditation to also be granted should it be required.

Accounting and ERP Solutions for NFP’s

Some of the main features of Accentis Enterprise that Not for Profit organisations may utilise include financial accounting, payroll, CRM and reporting analysis.

These features combined in a single ERP solution can provide the organisation with a functional software service helping to be more efficient.

By implementing procedures and processes to save time and money for the organisation, more effort can be given to the causes and people who need the support they offer.

In conclusion

If you’re one of the superstars who work for a Not for Profit organisation and you need a better financial accounting solution, get in contact with our specialists who will be more than happy to spend some time to help you see the rewards of an ERP system.

We also offer an exclusive 12 months interest free payment plan to help the implementation seem like less of a hurdle. What are you waiting for?