Automated Scheduled Reports Delivery

Specialised automated delivery of scheduled reports regularly emailed to specified recipients

Automated Scheduled Reports Delivery

Like every business, there are almost certainly some key reports that you wish you could just automatically send out to staff on a regular basis. KPI reports, financials, HR reminders, there are plenty when you think about it. While spamming your staff with reports every day isn’t cool, there are times when it is important to ensure that users who don’t regularly use the system are still fed the information they need regularly.

The Scheduled Report Delivery customisation is a set of schedules, configurations and a special program addition that takes care of automated report output (typically emailing) at a specified interval or day(s) of the week. The reports that can be emailed include any of your existing Crystal Reports or any new Crystal Report that you would like written (charges apply for new reports).


  • A nightly schedule management function is added that allows an administrator to define which report, which users and how often the report is output
  • Reports can be any Crystal Report and can be output to PDF, attached to an email, and the delivered on a specified day of the week, or all days of the week
  • Emails can be CC’d and BCC’d to other recipients



  • $300 to install and set up ready for you to define which reports you want to run on one database, additional $80 per database to run against other databases


  • Available now to any customer running the latest version of Accentis Enterprise

Lead time & Prerequisites

  • Time to implement: 3-5 working days
  • No downtime to users
  • Requires latest version of Accentis Enterprise


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