Automatic Nightly Update of Currency Exchange Rate

Get automatically updated currency exchange rates delivered directly to your Accentis Enterprise database

Currency Exchange Rate Updates Overview

Automatically update currency exchange rates from a global website into your Accentis system every day. No more worries about whether or not you have the correct rates! An optional audit trail will show rate fluctuations and historical rates.

For those customers who deal in foreign currency, a time-saving customisation to Accentis Enterprise is a nightly update of all of your exchange rates.

Each morning, you will arrive with Accentis Enterprise already updated with that day’s exchange rate. You will be able to use a choice of free exchange rate web sites form which we will download daily data.

For a small additional charge, this customisation can also include a full audit history of exchange rate update plus an analysis report that allow you to see historical movement in exchange rate and when updates were done


  • Each night a special script is run to extract data in an XML stream from a known web site that provides currency exchange rates
  • Each night, the exchange rate for every currency defined in General Ledger > Setup > Currencies has its rate updated to the current rate
  • Optionally, a historical record of the previous rates on each day is maintained for reporting



  • NO audit trail: $300 for a one-off single database. $80 for each additional database
  • WITH audit trail: $500 for a one off single database. $120 for each additional database


  • Available now to any customer running the latest version of Accentis Enterprise

Lead time & Prerequisites

  • Time to implement: 3-5 working days
  • No downtime to users
  • Requires latest version of Accentis Enterprise
  • Sign-up to foreign currency exchange website (recommendations available)


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