Preventative Maintenance Management

Powerful preventative maintenance management increases your ROI with every equipment service!

Preventative Maintenance Management Overview

The Preventative Maintenance Management Customisation allows you to scrap another few spreadsheets from your business! Search the term Preventative Maintenance ROI and you’ll get plenty of reasons why managing this part of your business more productively is going to reap big benefits.

The good thing is that you don’t need to buy another standalone system to do it, it can be integrated into Accentis Enterprise immediately.


A preventative maintenance schedule enables you to maintain correct servicing of your equipment so that:

  • You do not void your manufacturers’ warranty
  • You are compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Your equipment is manufacturing product accurately within tolerance
  • Your QA equipment (e.g. scales) are measuring within tolerance
  • Your equipment will not break down (this can be extremely costly for your business)
  • You can prove that you have undertaken PM and at what date

Most people who are managing this already will be doing it with a spreadsheet or Word document. Some of you will be doing it very well within Excel but will be unable to correlate the information easily against your fixed assets register, parts used or staff activity.

The Preventative Maintenance Customisation is a completely separate function within Accentis Enterprise (with its own set of permissions, reports, memos/tasks, managed documents) that allows you to record each maintenance event that should occur against each piece of equipment.

In conjunction with the new function, the customisation delivers reports and a recommended process for managing your preventative maintenance entries. As with all Accentis Enterprise functions, it is possible to customise the base set of features even further to suit your exact requirements.

Recording Maintenance Events

A Preventative Maintenance Record can be created to store information such as Service Intervals, Last and Next Service, Assigned Technicians in addition to relevant documents such as check lists and manuals.

A Preventative Maintenance record may apply to one or more pieces of equipment (Fixed Assets) and a single fixed asset may be referenced by more than one Preventative Maintenance Record.

As an example, you may have a CNC Machine in the workshop that requires annual specialist maintenance on the electrical system as well as general maintenance on the mechanical aspects performed every three months. You would create two records, one for the electrical and one for the mechanical. Now you can schedule and manage these activities separately, even if there is one piece of equipment.

Displaying what is Due for Maintenance

The Preventative Maintenance Schedule Report will show activities that are due for action now and in a defined date range, in specific locations and performed by selected resources. These scheduled activities can also be applied to Instrument Calibration and Production Tooling to ensure compliance with quality standards. Your business will now have a central planning tool visible to all stakeholders to enable improvement in numerous areas.

Recording Maintenance Events Against Your Equipment

You can add Memos and Tasks to the Preventative Maintenance Record, giving the capability to capture the full story in words and pictures. Any electronic document can be dragged and dropped into the Memo or Task when work on the Scheduled activities is performed.

Other Features of this Customisation

  • Take a photo of the equipment before and after the PM as a historical reference
  • Use managed documents to add a list of work instructions or spare parts sheet
  • Manage permissions so that only certain people have access to this function
  • Customise to get different “Views” written to show things like:
    • Average frequency of maintenance
    • The staff that are performing the PMs most often.
  • Customise further to add a distinct PM “action” instead of using just a memo, which could record:
    • A work order reference
    • A list of measurements and parameters taken during the PM
    • Specific work undertaken or parts used/added
    • A one-off item code to represent a set of parts or components used



  • One-off cost of $800 for one database, $120 per additional database.
  • Unlimited users (up to the maximum number of licences you own)


  • Available now to any customer running the latest version of Accentis Enterprise

Lead time & Prerequisites

  • Time to implement: 3-5 working days
  • No downtime to users
  • Requires latest version of Accentis Enterprise and Fixed Assets module
  • As with all Accentis customisations, you can do further customisations as required to perfectly suit your requirements


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