If you’re curious as to how Accentis, a fully-customisable software program, won’t spawn a Frankenstein, then you’ve started reading the right article! It all comes down to the fact that we respect the changes you want to make, while ensuring that we can deliver over and above an exceptional product.

Ever had this happen to you?

  • You can’t update your software, because any updates will remove all your customisations
  • You’re waiting weeks or months for an update, because a third-party developer is on holidays
  • Your system in unusable because you updated to the latest version, and it’s no longer compatible with your setup
  • You’ve been told that to get your system up and running, you have to spend at least $10,000!
  • There are never updates for your software because the only person who knew your system has left the company, and it’s going to cost too much to start again

Don’t get caught in the middle, that’s our job!

After many years’ experience and using our programming database structure, we are confident that we can customise our system to the requirements of your business. Our upgrades won’t add anything to your on-going costs, and the new features should represent a better value for money on time spent using the software! Any data that you input into Accentis Enterprise can be used to customise reports to show the information that you are really looking for. At Accentis, we take the smart road so you can jump in the overtaking lane and streak ahead of your competition.

Want to know some facts?

  • We never customise the core program, every customer is on the same major version.
  • We can deploy a fully-certified, tested patch within days, sometimes hours!
  • We perform all our testing in-house to ensure it meets our own strict standards.
  • We only customize your database, not the program. This means multiple databases can all be customized differently.
  • Our Development team works closely with both Support and Customization teams, so we can easily communicate any changes required.
  • We’re not scared to tell you why we can’t change something, we’ll always give you an honest answer.
  • We do everything we can to ensure your customisations won’t turn your system in Frankenstein’s monster.

Ask any other program how quickly their developers can run a customization patch, just for fun. We bet we’re pretty much always faster! Need more data fields to input your data? Done! Need a new report to view all that data? Done! Need it in a hurry? Done, done and done! If you don’t believe us, give us a challenge!

Want to get something done, just contact us so we can get the ball rolling.