In another example of Accentis pushing forward to ensure that you have access to as much support as possible, we now have a dedicated Videos page. This page will feature all the same videos that are available on our YouTube page, but will be arranged in a better format for you to find what you’re after. Of course, you are able to click on any of the videos and view them right on YouTube if you prefer, we’re just trying to make it as easy as we can to access content that we create for you. You can find the videos on our website by going to the Support menu > Videos tab, or you can just click here!

Currently our videos are broken down into Case Studies and Product Features, with more videos being added to both soon, and more categories when required. We’re aware that the videos available at the moment for Product Features are a little long-winded, and also not on the most interesting of topics. We’re going to break down the videos into smaller segments to make viewing them a lot easier and not as time-consuming.

We can’t promise that we’re going to be doing any videos of cats falling off the bench, or people running into poles, but we’ll do our best to make them as interesting as we can. The videos are a great training or refresher resource that you can use for a quick reference if using a feature you haven’t in a while. Give us a challenge and tell us what you would like to see, we’re eager to help you as much as possible.