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Accentis is one of Australia’s leading ERP vendors and the flagship Accentis Enterprise is a fully-featured accounting, manufacturing and enterprise information management system (ERP/MRP). Designed and manufactured in Australia, Accentis Enterprise has been designed for Australian small to medium-sized businesses that have outgrown their off-the-shelf small-business software. Robust, reliable and boasting features usually only associated with the expensive “high-end” enterprise management systems, Accentis Enterprise will manage your entire business with ease and is user-friendly enough for anyone to use.

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Accentis Enterprise Business Management System at a glance…

Do you have a fully computerised accounting
and enterprise management system?

If your business is not already taking full advantage of the computer age then you are placing your enterprise behind the majority of your competitors. While the paperless age may never be a complete reality, the simple fact is that information that you record only on paper cannot be as quickly searched, referenced, modified, analysed or linked to other data. Furthermore, if your day-to-day activities are not fully computerised then there will always be a weak link in your process chain.

Are you completely satisfied with all aspects
of your current system?

If not, then it will be costing you time, money, marketplace presence and may ultimately cost you your business. At Accentis, we believe that if you have any problems or inefficiencies in your enterprise management system, then they require attention – fast. It simply isn’t good enough to say “We can work around it for now” – your system must perform the tasks you want, when you want them.

Are you confident that none of your staff
are re-entering or duplicating data?

One of the most significant resource drains arising from non- or poorly-integrated systems is that staff are continually having to re-enter data that has already been entered by someone else in a different module. For example, the items and customer details from a Sales Quotation should be able to be carried forward to the Sales Order, Dispatch and then Sales Invoice without any further data re-entry.

Can you always find the information you want
at any time in any format? Accentis can.

If you can’t immediately and accurately access whatever information you like from your system, then your system is not serving you well. One of the most important aspects of an enterprise management system is to give you easy access to any of the data stored within it, in a user-defined combination, format or grouping. Accentis Enterprise provides powerful searching and reporting mechanisms that enable access to any data within your system in any format you choose.

Is your system fully integrated?
Accentis is.

Fully integrated means that all modules within your system work together seamlessly without any manual intervention. That means when you process your Payroll or depreciate your Fixed assets, you don’t have to turn around and import data into your General ledger. It also means that you can search or report on any data , and that includes end-of-year reporting. Continuing to use a system that is not fully integrated always results in a significant waste of human resources.

Has your current system been designed
for multiple users? Accentis has.

Many systems that claim to be multi-user are simply single user systems that have had mutli-user access added on. The implications of this are usually clumsy access control, little or no audit trail, inadequate record locking management and poor performance. A true multi-user system will typically use a server program and also be able to show you who is using the system at any one time and from which PC.

Has your system been designed for Windows?
Accentis has.

You may be surprised by the number of ERP/MRP systems that claim to be Windows-based yet were never designed to utilise the full power of modern operating systems. Many of these systems were designed even before the release of Windows 3.1, stretching back to the days of MS-DOS and now simply have a Windows interface attached. Accentis has been designed specifically for the latest Windows operating environments and as such can harness the features that such operating systems provide.

Can you see which users performed
which actions and when? Accentis can.

Can you tell who changed a Sales Order and how many times? Do you know who deleted that overdue invoice? Can you see which PC was used to access payroll information? If you can’t show this information, then you don’t have an accurate idea of who is accessing your important data or when. As your business grows, this will become increasingly important.

Are you able to have separate branches
but consolidated reporting and analysis? Accentis can.

Time and time again, enterprise managers complain that they cannot provide adequate separation between entities within their enterprise but still have hassle-free consolidated financial reporting. Accentis lets you run completely independent databases for sister companies, branches or separate internal entities and then provides you with the ability to treat all databases as a whole for financial reporting. You can even consolidate a bank statement with transactions displayed from multiple databases, where a common cheque account is used.

Do you have support from local developers?
You do with Accentis.

What happens if you have problems or issues with your current system? Do you get the usual run-around from support personnel who don’t know enough about the product to really help? If you need modifications or want to report errors, do you have to go through several organisations before you get a satisfactory response? Accentis is designed, developed and manufactured in Australia by Australian software engineers, so you can have your answers from the people who made the product.

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