So what does Lead Management really mean, and do you really need it? The short answer to if you need it or not is most probably Yes. As for what it means, well that’s a little bit of a longer answer.

Lead Management is not just to suck people in, actually, it’s not to suck people in at all. It’s a process to start a relationship with potential clients, to help turn them into paying clients. Now while that might sound like you are sucking people in slowly, that’s not the case. There’s not much time in business for just sucking people in to make up the numbers, unless you’re a certain world-wide social network. A business not only wants customers, but it wants the right customers. A customer that is sold the wrong product for what their business requires, is not a happy customer. They will most likely complain the entire time, maybe force you to hand-hold them through every step, or they will just stop communicating with you, and complain about you to other business owners who might otherwise be a good fit for your business.

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Lead Management is about building a rapport with your clients from the start. It helps to manage the expectations of both you, and your client through the process of the sale. A lead to a business is simply an enquiry from a customer due to advertising, marketing efforts, referrals or simple direct contact. It’s a tightly integrated function that is usually connected to a good CRM, or can be one and the same depending on the business. When you have a Lead Management process, you will find that not only is it easier to generate leads, but you will have more qualified leads to go on. Qualified leads are enquiries that are more likely to buy your product or service than someone you just met in the street. They entered the lead funnel through one of your channels and are most likely interested in your product.

Accentis is able to give you a complete Lead Management tool that is by most standards, exceptional. Not only is it included as standard in Accentis, ready to be used, it’s also heavily integrated, so a lead can be tracked from the very first contact right through to the sales, support, accounts and all other modules included. Why go through the hassle of exporting data from one service, only to import it into another, when Accentis has all the data right there, ready to go? Want to see what channel a customer signed up with, no problem! Need to add some more channels after your business has grown and your developing other markets in more locations, done, done and done! Accentis gives you the tools to win more, and lose less.

We know it works, because we use Accentis in-house for all our own Lead Management and record-keeping requirements. Our superior customer service doesn’t start when you become a paying customer, it’s started right now while you read this article. So come on, contact us today to find out how you can be in this position too!