There’s a secret habit that many successful business people do nearly every day, which helps them to achieve what others could only dream of, and we’re going to tell you what it is. Challenge yourself. Yep, that’s it, challenges. Behind every successful business in the world, there are a whole lot of challenges that have had to be overcome for the business to be where it is today. And it’s not just something for the CEO’s and Owners to take on, but everyone working in the same head-space with a want, a need, a habit to achieve.

What are some benefits of having challenges in a business?

  • A challenge is a goal, and helps to keep the business focused on a target they want to reach and overcome
  • Individual employees give themselves a challenge to improve their skills or perform in a new role
  • The monotony of the work day, week or month is broken by performing something different to usual
  • Improvements are constantly taking place both personally and for the business as a whole

Challenges are not meant to be easy, that’s why they are a challenge in the first place, but make them a habit. Accentis Enterprise has been built on challenges. Not just internal challenges that we make for ourselves, but the challenges that we are faced with every day from customers, both old and new! We have taken the challenge of building a business management solution for small to medium sized businesses, and knocked it out of the park. Our aim is to give you a software product that helps you create and overcome your business challenges, now and into the future. To be perfectly honest, we positioned ourselves to be able to cater for those businesses to manage the challenges that come with running a growing business.

Accentis Enterprise gives you the ability to create and overcome in some of the most demanding tasks you face every day while at work. We do this by instilling processes that are repeatable, automatic and able to be reported on. You can look back on tasks that have been performed and see where improvements can be made, work orders changed and efficiency better managed. By being able to configure processes, you can see the end goal, and challenge yourself to find a better way and make your business succeed in ways it wasn’t able to before. The sense of pride and achievement felt by all parties when a job is completed properly, and with input from everyone, gives business a fresh outlook and brings people together. Start today and give yourself a challenge. Make it realistic, beneficial, and most of all: achievable. There’s no point setting yourself a challenge that is impossible to complete, because you will feel like a failure right at the start. It needs to become a welcome habit.

So what are you waiting for, are you up for a challenge? We are! Contact us today and throw us a challenge to help you improve your business. We’re more than ready to take it on and show you that we practice what we preach.