How many kids have grown up as the middle child? Wedged somewhere in the family between any number of older and younger siblings, and just trying to get by. At some point in life they were the youngest, until the next little family member came along. It’s the same with business. At one point, you were the brand new business, just starting out and looking to conquer the world. You might not have got to that point yet, but as a medium-sized business, you still play an equally important role in the marketplace as a whole. Just like the middle-child, you’re the one that everyone can turn to, and everyone secretly wishes they could be.

Here are the top 5 reasons why being a medium-sized company makes you so important to any industry

  1. You’re compared to other businesses, both larger and smaller.
    Some customers will have a project or service in mind, and want to make sure that it is completed not only on budget, but to quality expectations also. Smaller companies can struggle with jobs just a little too big for them, and larger companies can treat customers as just a number, with no care involved. The middle ground is you. You’re stable, always there, able to handle jobs both big and small and give the customer the service they are looking for. It’s almost as if you planned it!
  2. You’re able to focus on a particular service or product, gaining the title of “specialist”.
    A medium-sized business has tested the market and doesn’t need to attract every single customer any more. You have worked out what your specialties are, focused on them and have become a leader in your field. Customers will come to you knowing that not only can they get their job done, but it will be done well because you have so much experience in what they’re after.
  3. You’re resilient and can handle the pressure in tough times.
    Small businesses close down almost overnight as customers leave their services, while larger companies have to deal with the overheads of having a large number of outgoings which still need to be paid, even if the customers don’t show up. A medium-sized business is granted the special place of being in the right place at the right time. When required you’re able to do some smaller jobs to keep the company afloat, and then be considered for larger ones as the market improves.
  4. You’re able to adapt depending on what the market dictates.
    Markets change all the time with the products and services being offered. From old techniques through to new technologies, a medium-size business can pivot any direction required. You’re able to use your size to purchase better tools and machinery, which will allow you to make better products overall, but you’re small enough that you can still offer a personable service required by your customers.
  5. You’re a team player!
    Smaller business people will rely on you for advice, products and services that they either don’t offer themselves to give to their customers. Larger businesses will get your assistance on jobs that they need an extra hand on, or push jobs your way that are too small for them to bother with. You’re the middle player who acts like a negotiator between the requirements of the market, keeping the ship steady.

If you’re a medium-sized business, you’ve done the hard yards from being a small business and kept at it. Are you a small business and want to take it to the next level? Accentis Enterprise can improve any size business, and we help you move up the ladder a step at a time, without the huge cost, or installation of features that you’re never going to use. Accentis Enterprise helps you to SEE, KNOW and GROW your business now and into the future, contact us today to find out more!