What if you had to write down everything, all your knowledge, that you have ever done in your working day, only to repeat the process the next day, even though you are doing the exact same job?

No one would do that, it’s ridiculous! But the truth is, most workplaces allow their staff to do that every day, and do nothing about it. The difference is, instead of writing down the process or detail every day, they’re just verbally telling the staff member what to do, or worse yet, keeping that knowledge in their head where no one has access to it. Becky just got into a fight with her boyfriend and has left town, never to come back. But she is the only one who took the details for a large order from one of your customers, and you can’t get hold of her.

How would your business be able to function if a key staff member was suddenly injured in a car accident, or was unable to fight off a shark over the weekend?

All of that information, gone. If only one single employee knows how, what, when and where of any part of your business, you’re at risk of losing business knowledge. There’s no need for important data to be wrapped up in cotton wool in the heads of your staff members. It’s not going to help anyone else being stuck in there, and if that person leaves or can’t be at work any period of time, how does the business cope? When you pay someone who is unable to do the job, and someone else has to re-learn everything from scratch, you’re paying for that experience twice. Can your business afford to double-handle everything?

The trick to getting this information out of the heads of your staff members and into the business is through record-keeping. To some people, the information that is logged might not seem important, but to the business, that information is priceless. And priceless information when it’s lost, can cost the business a lot of money. Accentis Enterprise is an information saving powerhouse. Need to take note for a customer, simply add a date-stamped memo to that customer record. Important sales information from the customer at the time the order was taken, keep that all handy right there with the sales order. If you need to know the last time the staff room ran out of biscuits, you can do that in Accentis. Nearly every module in Accentis has the ability to record an unlimited amount of information that can be utilised in the future.

By putting the power of record-keeping into your business, you’re collecting data, important data… big data! The reason why Google, Apple and Facebook know so much about you is because they record everything. If you record as much information about your business as you can, and use it to improve your processes, sales and profit, you too will have a database of knowledge that helps you to beat your competitors. Knowledge is power, and content is king.

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